Visiting Disney World?? Think Again!! Serious Complaints About Service Reduction in the Park & More    - The Jewish Voice
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Visiting Disney World?? Think Again!! Serious Complaints About Service Reduction in the Park & More   

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Visiting Disney World?? Think Again!! Serious Complaints About Service Reduction in the Park & More   

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In addition to the controversy that Disney World in Florida finds itself embroiled as it pertains to their advocacy of adding more Disney features with gay and transgendered characters in order to indoctrinate children as young as three years of age, it now appears that in general Disney is taking a huge hit from clientele who have registered serious complaints about the park and other Disney attractions.

While planning a trip to Disney used to be fun and taking one’s kids there was a true highlight of their formative years, the case is no longer true. Many people are paying exorbitant prices and getting very little for their hard-earned dollars.

In March of this year, an article appeared on the Walt Disney World info web site, that offered explanations on why people are not happy with the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

The cost of a theme park ticket is so cost prohibitive that people are thinking twice before planning a trip.

Jackie Gailey writes that the Fast Pass option has been eliminated as of this year which means people and their kids would no longer have the option of passing long lines for rides.

She writes:  “I hadn’t really thought about how much this would affect our multi-generational family vacations until that very moment. We never thought that we wouldn’t have that option someday. When you have three little children, standing in line for attractions for hours does not bode well.”

In a conversation with her sister-in-law about planning a Disney World family vacation, Ms. Gailey writes: “When I got to the part about having to pay an extra $15 per person per day to be able to utilize Lightning Lane, she nearly fell out of her chair. When you are a family of five – granted the littlest one will still be under the age of three and will not need a ticket – you are already spending a small fortune on theme park tickets and the thought of having to add an additional $60 per day for a family of four to those already steep prices, she nearly fell out of her chair for real.

It is so hard to swallow when something so necessary that you have had the use of as a complementary addition is going to now suddenly cost you an extra $15 per person per day in order to use.

We have always said that time is money on a Disney vacation as our way of justifying the high costs of certain aspects of the trip and the epitome of that statement is really coming to fruition at this point. You are paying Disney to save your time and it is something that is so hard to justify with little kids since you never know how the day will go. I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced this situation already, it is just a new and frustrating realization for me having not planned a family vacation in years.”.

In a comment of the Trip Advisor web site dated January 2020 from a person in Redmond, Washington who had visited Disney World and had a negative experience, the person writes:

“I’ve gone to Disney myself over 10 times. My wife and I got engaged and had our honeymoon there as well. We went this year with a small group and had every intention of investing in DVC during our visit. Unfortunately, the state of park crowding caused us to reevaluate if Disney is really worth it anymore. Disney’s popularity has skyrocketed which has drawn greater crowds to Disney World which is both good and bad. The result is skyrocketing prices in an effort to control the crowds, but this has caused the “off” periods to become just as crowded as peak season (which is way too crowded). We booked fast passes exactly 60 days out and dining exactly 180 days out, so our trip was probably much smoother than most but it often wasn’t really “fun”.

Even when trying to stick to our strict schedule, rides were breaking down left and right. Multiple times we would weave through the crowds to get to our ride, have it break while we’re in line, then weave through more crowds to get to another ride on the other side of the park so we’d still be able to ride something before our dining reservation. We even tried rope dropping (which means to arrive at the park before opening) and we were only able to make it on a single ride before as all the good ones were at a 2+ hour wait times.

If waiting in lines for hours, jogging between rides, waiting until 9:40 for your 9:00 reservation, and daydreaming about getting back to your resort so you don’t feel like herded cattle anymore sounds like fun to you, then by all means go. If not, then until Disney figures this out I recommend using your vacation money on something else.”

On a web site called which provides pertinent information on Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Lines, an explanation is given about how services provided by Disney have substantially decreased or have been done away with.

It says that Disney’s Magical Express was discontinued in 2020. That means that the “free transportation service that shuttled guests to and from the Orlando International Airport and their Disney World resort hotels no longer exists … and a LOT of fans are not happy.”

The site also informs readers that “both the introduction of the paid Disney Genie+ service and the discontinuation of the free FastPass+ service have caused Disney fans to be rather upset (to put it mildly). First is the pure removal of the FastPass+ system. That alone had guests disappointed since they had already become used to and fans of the FastPass+ system.”

In addition, Disney fans will want to know the following as spoken of on the web site:

“So if you want to skip the virtual queues or standby lines at really popular rides like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and Avatar: Flight of Passage, you’ll have to pay to use the Lightning Lanes at those rides INDIVIDUALLY. You can only get a maximum of two pay-per-ride selections per day.

Some fans have complained about the fact that you have to pay for this system (unlike the free FastPass+), these rides are NOT included in Genie+ so you’ll need to pay for them individually, prices can vary by date or other factors (meaning you could experience surge pricing), you can only get two per day, and you can only buy it once for any particular ride per day (in other words, you can’t buy 2 of them for Rise of the Resistance for the same day).

Others have felt like the pay-per-ride service was worth it, but it doesn’t stop the concerns and complaints from flowing in.

This sort-of goes hand-in-hand with the item mentioned above, but many guests are particularly upset because they feel that Disney has taken away some of the free perks and benefits that used to come with staying at Disney World’s resort hotels.”

In addition, the web site states:  “Some Disney fans have also felt like Disney is making things more “exclusive” or making things only available for those who can pay top dollar.

For example, Extra Magic Hours used to provide guests at ALL of Disney World’s hotels extra time in the parks either in the morning or at night on select nights. Now, Early Theme Park Entry allows all hotel guests 30 minutes early entry into any Disney World theme park on any day. But if you want extra time in the parks at night (Extended Evening Hours), you’ll have to stay at a Deluxe Resort Hotel or Deluxe Villa (a.k.a. you’ll be looking at a pricey hotel bill in all likelihood).”

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