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Dear Jewish Voice Reader!

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that 2020 marks the 16th Anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish Voice!

In 2004, when we began the Jewish Voice . . .

Mark Zuckerburg was coding Facebook from his dorm room,

Saddam Hussein had just been captured and was awaiting trial,

Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, was just a student at NYU and the first line of code was yet to be written.

So much has changed and one of the industries most effected has been publishing. That’s why as we celebrate our 16th year, I wanted to write and thank you for your ongoing support.

Tragically, the Coronavirus pandemic has not only adversely transformed our everyday lives as we know it, but the resultant economic fallout has devastated the publishing industry. The Jewish Voice is not immune to the significant loss in advertising revenue that other newspapers have also experienced, but rather than closing up shop, here we are; with a renewed commitment to providing our cherished readers with rapid, incisive and analytical coverage of the latest news.

And we’re making it another 16 years with your support. We would kindly request that you donate generously now to support the Jewish Voice and consider making your gift a monthly contribution. Every dollar that we raise assists us tremendously in covering the costs of our weekly production schedule. At the same time, your donation helps us gain significant independence from the unstable advertising market caused by the dreaded pandemic and the nefarious political agenda that is endemic to this industry.

Moreover, independent publishers are shuttering their doors due to the dominance – and discrimination – by the tech giants, namely Google and Facebook. While there’s no shortage of advertisers, it’s the tech companies who profit, not the publishers. Google, Facebook and others take a cut of 32% to 96% of every advertising dollar spent! That’s why your ongoing support is vital for our survival.

We look forward to your invaluable input in the Jewish Voice as we work together for the common good of the Jewish nation and the world at large!!

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