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Zip-Tied Columbia Graduate Shreds Diploma Onstage For Palestine

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Columbia University graduate shredded her diploma during Sunday’s commencement ceremony, Fox News reported.

The student tore up her diploma as she walked across the stage during the School of Social Work’s commencement in a gesture of solidarity with Palestineaccording to Fox News. The event, live -streamed for viewers, showed the graduate walking+ on stage with her wrists zip-tied together and raising her arms dramatically. She wore a keffiyeh, the typical attire of pro-Palestine demonstrators, over her light blue graduation robe.

Immediately after receiving her diploma, she turned to the audience and shredded it, video posted to Twitter and shared by Visegrád 24 shows. She then threw the pieces over her head and onto the floor and removed her cap to reveal a message taped inside, though the camera did not capture its content. Other graduates joined the protest, wearing Arabic garments and zip-ties to resemble Palestinian prisoners. One student’s cap bore the name of Hamas leader Mazen Jamal Al-Natsheh, while two others received applause for displaying a “Free Palestine” sign during the ceremony, Fox News reported.


“Thousands of Columbia graduates and their families have already celebrated at Class Day ceremonies that started on Friday and concluded successfully with virtually no disruption,” a Columbia spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “We join in the excitement of the remaining graduates who will celebrate their incredible achievements at their own Class Days and graduation events the rest of this week and as they start their next chapter.”

Columbia University previously announced the replacement of its main commencement ceremony with several smaller ones following clashes between protesters and the NYPD that led to over 100 arrests.

“Holding a large commencement ceremony on our campus presented security concerns that unfortunately proved insurmountable,” Columbia spokesperson Ben Chang said in a statement, according to Fox News. “Like our students, we are deeply disappointed with the outcome.”

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