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Wendell Husebø House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden on Thursday, 315 days after formally launching an investigation into the Biden family, including President Joe Biden. Comer seeks to compel the personal and business bank records of Hunter Biden and James Biden to further link Joe Biden to his family’s foreign deals. While wrapping up Thursday’s first impeachment...

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Hunter Biden Referred to Selling Access to Joe Biden as ‘Keys’ to ‘My Family’s Only Asset’

Wendell Husebø  Hunter Biden referenced selling access to President Joe Biden as “the keys” to “my family’s only asset,” according to messages from Hunter Biden’s...

GOP Candidates Brawl Over China, Border in 2nd Debate

By Jackson Richman(Epoch Times) Seven GOP presidential contenders took the stage on Sept. 27 to make their case for why they should face off against...

Musk Says COVID Shot ‘Almost Sent Me to Hospital,’ Says He’d Go to Prison Before Firing Workers for Refusing Jab

By Tom Ozimek(Epoch Times) Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed that he took multiple COVID-19 vaccines so that he could travel during the period of intense pandemic...

Seven Candidates Qualify for 2nd GOP Debate Tonight on Fox News

(AP) The field for the second Republican presidential debate will be smaller than the first. WATCH THE DEBATE 9PM EST LIVE CLICK HERE Seven candidates have...

White House Taking Urgent Measures To Prevent Biden From Falling As Democrats Remain ‘Terrified’ Of Bad Slip

Reagan Reese(Dailyn Caller) Democrats are reportedly “terrified” that 80-year-old President Joe Biden will have a bad fall while some are frustrated that aides allow the...

Anti-Israel Congressman Poses for Photo with Anti-Semitic CAIR Official

Joe Kaufman This past July, United States Democratic Representative from New York and member of the far left congressional group ‘The Squad,’ Jamaal Bowman, made...

House Panel Names First 3 Witnesses in Impeachment Hearing

By Mark Swanson (NEWSMAX) The House Oversight Committee on Monday evening announced its first trio of witnesses for the opening hearing later this week in...

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US Quietly Acknowledges Iran Satellite Successfully Reached Orbit as Tensions Remain High

(AP) — The United States has quietly acknowledged that Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard successfully put an imaging satellite into orbit this week in a...

Unmasking the Dark Web of Hate: The Neo-Nazi Cult Behind the FBI’s Probe of Satanic Pedophile Group

Unmasking the Dark Web of Hate: The Neo-Nazi Cult Behind the FBI's Probe of Satanic Pedophile Group Edited by: In a chilling revelation, a sinister...

Taiwan Launches the Island’s First Domestically Made Submarine for Testing

(AP) — Taiwan’s president launched the island’s first domestically made submarine for testing Thursday at a port in Kaohsiung. The submarine, if successful in its...

US imposes sanctions on network supplying Iran’s drone program

By JNS A group associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) operating in Iran, China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates was sanctioned on...

Canadian PM Apologizes for Recognition of Nazi Unit War Veteran in Canadian Parliament

(AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Wednesday for Parliament’s recognition of a man who fought alongside the Nazis during last week’s address...

Springtime for Hitler: A standing ovation for a Nazi exposes unpleasant truths about the war in Ukraine

By David Sacks(American Thinker) Western cheerleaders for the war in Ukraine have sought to deny the complicated relationship between Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Nazi groups, calling any...

Biden Admin Accused of Funding Group Tied to Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Charlie McCarthy(NEWSMAX) The Biden administration is funding an organization that supports Palestinian terrorists, according to an Israeli watchdog group. The Phoenix Center for Research and Field Studies,...




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FAQs – Sukkot 5784

FAQs – Succot 5784 Rabbi Hayim Asher Arking Rabbi Ezra Ghodsi Before entering the sukkah, one should have in mind that Hashem commanded us to sit in the sukkah to remember that...

The Joy of Living in a Sukkah

The Joy of Living in a Sukkah By: Rabbi Berel Wein After the tension filled solemnity of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the holiday of Sukkoth...