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Monday, July 4, 2022

Justin Trudeau’s Trucker Problem

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We thought that we in the United States were living under the authority of an incompetent leader. An elected one, no less. But we now have to admit, in Olympic jargon, that we’ve won the Silver next to Canada’s Gold for their lunatic leadership. Yes, let’s face the facts; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, although much younger than our own Joe Biden, is the more inept, basically more “stupider” than our own contestant, Joe Biden. A comedic competition true, but so sad. Two great neighboring countries living under freedom for hundreds of years, bastions of liberty, are now falling apart at the hands of these two guys.

Trudeau is fervently attacking the hard working, middle class, blue collar guys who drive trucks, demanding that they all take the jab and threatening that those who don’t will not be permitted behind the wheel. As a result of these ordinances, many truckers have taken to peaceful, non-violent public protest, blocking roads that connect our two countries. Justin, in his crude, immature manner, has attacked these protesters as “illegitimate,” “illegal” and “un-Canadian.” He has sent his police forces out to arrest these demonstrators who are standing up for their right to protest and haul away their privately owned vehicles which basically are the businesses of these guys.

Strangely, the Canadian Prime Minister is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, the violent group that has burned down dwellings as well as businesses, killed innocents and has called for the deaths of police officers. To Trudeau, this radical group is a great organization. But truckers who are not organized as such, who are hard working, taxpaying, family guys who keep even our own American shelves stocked, our auto plants supplied, our heating oil delivered, are treated as traitors to their country, to be dismissed as Yahoos for their actions to protest being forced to take the vaccines that many in the medical profession now admit may no longer be the antidote for further transmission of Covid-19.

Many residents of our northern neighbor are in disagreement with their government. They, as we in our own country, are tired of being told just what and what not to do. Both nations are looking askance at big government and its policies that subvert democracy. Both governments claim its Covid-19 restrictions don’t limit or restrict our freedoms to choose. The virulence of the virus is waning. Our leaders have been ominously silent about natural immunity. We are told that, “the jab is science,” that the unproven vaccines are the only road to solving this pandemic. Not only that. By Canada’s own estimate, over 90% of its truckers are already vaccinated. Various provinces have already dropped their restrictions and demands. Alberta, Saskatchewan have done so and Ontario has said it would move in a similar direction. But Trudeau is ramping up his police powers, building up a wave of resentment about his overreach.

Our concern is that the Biden administration is not learning a lesson from the failing policies of our northern neighbor. What happens if our own truckers start a similar shut-down of their vehicles and blocking the roads that are used for our own travels? It’s wake-up time for our own government to relax its rules for masking and inoculation requirements. Hands off our schools. Let our kids breathe. Let parents decide what’s best for their kids. If we don’t watch out, we’ll be in a similar mess that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has created for his nation. We’ve got enough problems of our own right now. We are calling for President Biden to stand down his virus paranoia and let well enough alone.

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