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Jared Kushner’s Push for Peace Deserves Nobel Prize

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The Jewish Voice is proud to announce that Jared Kushner (former senior adviser to President Trump) as its Nobel Peace Prize nominee for this year’s selection. The award should go to this guy for his outstanding work in bringing unprecedented peace to the Middle East region by having Bahrain, Morocco, The Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, all formerly hostile nations toward Israel, sign a peace accord with their former enemy, Israel, back in August of 2020. And there’s even a sniff in the air that Saudi Arabia is leaning in to join this group of friendlies to smooth the troubled waters in that region.

And, last but not least, to save many lives in doing so. Had you told us of this back in the early part of this century, we’d have called it, “a fable, an impossible dream” and “an improbability in our lifetimes.” But here we are and in this week’s edition of our paper, there’ll probably be the story that current Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has already consulted in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, with the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of that Muslim nation to formalize relations…in peace. Sometimes dreams come true. And Jared Kushner deserves an award for his efforts in this direction.

But there will be many voices in protest of his selection by this committee. Basically, politics will be the force behind these negative naysayers. Mr. Kushner is the son-in-law of former President Trump and therefore he inherits all the hatred that for four years was directed against Trump. Those opposing Jared’s nomination were probably the most vocal in support of the Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to such “peace luminaries” as Yasser Arafat and President Obama. Strangely enough, Yasser Arafat was an arch terrorist responsible for the slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972, the 1974 throat slitting of 21 Israeli kids in Ma’alot and the murder of Joseph Klinghoffer aboard the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985 because he was Jewish. And he was chosen for this “Peace Prize?” Explain that to us.

And when then President Obama was merely nominated for his trophy for “bringing peace to the planet,” he was in office for only a few short months. He was later responsible for the “Arab Spring” that brought death and destruction to Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and a myriad of Muslim attacks against Israel. The Oslo Peace Prize handed over to Obama was a failure in its anticipatory hopes for his accomplishments to bring peace to the world. Such is the story of the Nobel Peace Prizes in recent memory.

Jared Kushner, while not the most well-known name around the world, has already accomplished more in the name of peace than both of the feeble awardees mentioned above. He has recently formed the Abraham Accords Institute for Peace which will work to promote relations among nations. The Accords, bringing peace among Israel, Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, Morocco and eventually Arabia will bring trade, tourism, regional alignism, normalism, acceptance and understanding among this formerly hostile group of nations.

In reality we’re hoping against hope that the Oslo Peace Prize Committee shrugs off its political robes and concentrates on selecting the best prospects for its awards. And we, The Jewish Voice, proudly submit the name of Jared Kushner for this honor. He truly deserves it.

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