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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Their Time Has Passed

Dear Editor:

I am completely against keeping the outdoor dining sheds and shacks that litter all the boroughs of New York City. Especially in Manhattan where the parking is as hard to find as a Republican. There are bike lanes, bus lanes, bus stops and taxi parking. People can barely walk down the streets in some areas when these sheds are on the sidewalk too. These dining sheds were vital during the worst of the pandemic and indoor dining was forbidden. Now they are nothing but a nuisance, an eyesore and they attract rats and roaches.

On top of that, there is garbage in piled up around them. Many places keep open late creating a noise issue. There have been several times when a vehicle hit into the kiosks badly injuring diners. Now that people feel safer eating inside where it is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, why keep these? People eating outside are breathing in pollution from buses and cars passing. Does that sound healthy? Lastly, many of these dining sheds or shacks are an eye sore, cheaply put together, giving the city a look of a third world country.

The City Council should vote NO and not give in to the restaurant owners demands. Give our sidewalks and streets back to the people.

Mike Maldonado
Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn


Did Hillary Clinton Spy on Donald Trump?

Dear Editor:

The latest report from the Durham Commission indicates that Hillary Clinton was behind the illegal snooping and illegal maneuvers against then sitting President Trump. She should be charged, arraigned and tried for insurrection and illegal election campaign activities. Included should her corruption of her debates with Bernie Sanders come under investigation. She worked closely with CNN and Donna Brazile to corrupt the televised debates by having Brazile slip her the questions beforehand in order to get a one-up on Bernie. Hillary is as corrupt as dirt and should be sitting in the defendant’s chair on trial for a myriad of federal criminal charges. The political empire of the Clintons should be shut down once and for all. We’ve had enough of these grifters who have become wealthy at the expense of American lives.

Henry Rosenkranz
Seaford, NY


Federal Money for Crack-Pipes??

Dear Editor:

President Biden wants to give 30 million dollars to crackheads for their crack-pipes to make it easier for them to get smashed. Of course, these people living in tents, on our streets, urinating and defecating in front of commercial enterprises deserve the best in equipment to keep them dazed and crazed. They must be vital voters in elections for Biden to devote such an amount to their needs.

To me, a mere 40 hour a week employee, 30 million is quite a bit. I could use a small amount of that to pay off my student loan, buy a home or even help out my folks. But, I guess these street people deserve it more than I do. But, I ask Joe and his genius gurus: How will you distribute these supplies? How will they be disposed of? Will they be used more than once? Will these tent dwellers promise not to attack innocent walkers-by while they, themselves are intoxicated and smashed? And who will supply these people with more crack-cocaine when their supplies run out? After all, they are the ultimate consumers that the Biden Administration is concerned with.

Daniel Mortman


Not Impressed with Super Bowl 56

Dear Editor:

The Super Bowl was a dud. I watched it and being a baseball fan, I could care less who won, lost or whatever. The Half-Time show was a compendium of shrieking, howling lunatics who couldn’t hold a candle to what we once considered entertainment. I wouldn’t let my kids watch it because of all the “F Bombs” “N” words and sex with one’s mother vocals included. Give me a duel between a batter and a pitcher, the running, batting, fielding and throwing requirements for every baseball player rather than the one 1 man offense of a team. Sorry, football is for the angry. Not me.

Morris Biedelman
Yonkers, NY


The Canadian Truckers Saga

Dear Editor:

The truckers holding Canada hostage should be rounded up, locked up and forever again be prevented from getting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. They are part of the radical, far right, Trumpian lunatics who wish to destroy the leadership of two, great voices of the people: Biden and Trudeau. Both of these elected champions are trying to lead their nations through this Covid disaster with the lease amount of illness, death and discomfort to all.

Masks are the method of prevention of infection. Dr. Fauci, a Brooklyn boy, who is the brightest light in the medical world told us that. Let’s listen to the likes of him and the Biden team. After all, the people we elect should be in charge. My concern is that the truckers’ behavior will migrate down from Canada to the U.S. and disrupt our economy and life as it has our northern neighbors. Illegal strikes must be contained and controlled. The Republicans want to use this issue as a rallying cry to overthrow President Biden. We can’t let this happen. Speak to your neighbors and friends. Let them know the truth about this issue.

Robert Isaacs
Tarrytown, NY

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