An Open Letter to the House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust, Commercial & Administrative Law


I hope this e-mail finds you well. I would like to take this opportunity to address several important issues regarding our guaranteed constitutional rights of freedom of speech, thought and expression along with the deleterious effects of wide ranging censorship that has plagued our society.

As founder and publisher of the Jewish Voice ( I can tell you from personal experience that we have been utterly victimized by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google as it pertains to the egregious practice of shadow banning. I can provide detailed evidence which offers a veritable litany of facts that illustrate precisely how we were gaining significant traction on Facebook and Twitter in terms of attracting hundreds of thousands of followers. Without warning or explanation, and quite suddenly, in March of 2018, we were summarily muffled by the big tech conglomerate. As a result of their concerted efforts to silence us, the Jewish Voice lost the lion’s share of our followers and those who were actively engaging with us on a daily basis were prevented from doing so.

At the bottom of this letter please find a series of links to articles and op-ed pieces that the Jewish Voice has published over the last several years in which we site numerous cases that describe how we were purposefully and maliciously targeted by Facebook and Twitter. Might I also add that we had done absolutely nothing in violation of the rules of the big tech companies in terms of information posted, nor had we been posting anything that could be described as even remotely offensive or hateful.

Many of these articles presented here express our frustration over our inability to communicate with and confront these social media giants. We were not permitted the right to a fair hearing nor could we take our legitimate grievances to a governing board or committee.

The only conclusion that we could reach is that we were being totally silenced without any recourse or ability to redress this. There is no doubt that these social media titans are putting us out of business, as they are thousands of others who express views that they find objectionable and abhorrent. Such practices which serve to quash dissent essentially erase our freedoms as outlined and enshrined in our constitution as this dubious practice overtly smacks of a hideous form of totalitarianism and fascism. This is not only unacceptable but it represents the gravest danger to the preservation of our democracy that we have ever encountered. As Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio said, “Big tech is out to get conservatives. It is time that they face the consequences.”

As you are aware, on Wednesday, July 29th, the House Judiciary Antitrust Committee, consisting of both Democrats and Republicans, confronted executives of such big tech companies as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google in a six-hour hearing over their wielding of market power to crush competitors, amass data, customers and sky-high profits. This hearing also placed a spotlight on the blatant censorship and pervasive bias targeting politically conservative web sites, organizations, institutions and individuals. This censorship campaign has been intentionally orchestrated by the aforementioned Silicon Valley titans for nefarious reasons that are known only to them.

At this critical juncture in our history as a nation which is predicated on freedoms that we have fought so valiantly to protect and preserve for over 250 years, we respectfully ask for your active assistance in rectifying this horrific injustice. We would kindly ask that you take a personal role in speaking out for the first amendment rights of the Jewish Voice by contacting Twitter and Facebook on our behalf. We will gladly provide you with further confirmed evidence and facts to justify your argument, if you should deem it necessary.

I very much look forward to working with you to protect the freedom of all Americans.