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Polluted Sources at the Rotting Post

Dear Editor:

In a video essay on the current Israeli government, The Washington Post used an interview with Beth Miller, the political director of Jewish Voice for Peace Action.  Using Jewish Voice for Peace, (JVP), as a source for anything, let alone views on Israel, is analogous to using the KKK as a source for opinions on race relations. There is nothing Jewish about JVP. JVP has a long history of extremist, vile hate speech and actions, and calls for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.  JVP co-sponsored a speaking tour for Bassem Taminia, a “Palestinian” Arab who spouts antisemitic conspiracies. JVP endorsed the ban on Jews at the Chicago Dyke March, and according to Camera.org, “JVP openly supported Boston’s Mapping Project (which targeted Jewish institutions and organizations).” https://thejewishvoice.com/2023/06/jewish-voice-for-peace-who-are-the-radical-jews-opposed-to-israel/

There is no freedom of the press in any of Israel’s neighboring Arab lands. Critics of local Arab rulers are met with prison and torture, a fact western media ignores. Camera’s Op-Ed, “The Washington Post Pretends that Terrorists are both Journalists and Credible Sources,” “The Washington Post seems incapable of telling the difference between terrorists and journalists, or terrorists and credible sources. And that is a fact worth noting.”

It’s fast becoming a toss up who will win the award for who deliberately uses more extreme, biased, agenda-ridden sources between The Washington (Rotting) Post and that other rag, The NY Times.  Each of these “newspapers” have a long history of unethical, factually incorrect, “journalism”  by giving credence and voice to those spreading outright lies about Israel and maligning Zionists, (code word for Jews), who support Israel. See Media Corrections:  https://www.camera.org/article/topic/media-corrections/outlet/washington-post/

My jaw dropped when I noticed The Washington Post’s official motto, “democracy dies in darkness.”  The “darkness” spewed by their hate filled, unethical journalism is helping “democracy” to die a slow and painful death at their hands.  When this mob they support comes for them, they will be screaming the loudest.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Protesting JCRC for Honoring CUNY’s Bill Thompson 

(The following letter was received by someone who had attended a demonstration on Monday evening at an event at the New York Historical Society in which the JCRC was honoring CUNY board chairman Bill Thompson with their public service award)

Dear Editor:

I just walked in and went straight to the computer to report.

Arrived at the main entrance on CPW at 77th at 5:30. There were several (eventually maybe 5) cops at the curb, several (eventually 4) police cars, and at the top of the steps several (and eventually 6) official-looking men in suits. But only 7 protesters!: 6 from Yad Yemin, and 1 who was just interested and volunteered, and me. Susan Aranoff came a few minutes after me and Jeff Lax a few minutes after that. We 3 were the only ones from SAFE CUNY.. Nobody young. And there was a disheveled middle-aged woman with a big camera, free-lancing. We had printed paper signs, white lettering on black, saying things like “CUNY anti-Semitism is getting worse while the JCRC celebrates Thompson.” Variations on that.  Also flyers.

People attending arrived in 1’s and 2’s, sort of dribbled in. We were standing on the sidewalk to the sides of the steps – forbidden to touch the bottom step, by the way – 7 people on the uptown side and 3 of us on the downtown side. We called to people as they entered (I’m not so good on calling), and Susan in particular followed them individually like a pit bull trying to get them to take a flyer, but people mostly ignored us. A few passersby asked reasonable questions and took flyers.  At a little after 6:00, a truck with messages like ours lit up on its sides started passing by regularly and eventually parked very nearby; that truck was from the Jewish Leadership people, with the names Charles Jacobs and someone named Avi.

At a few minutes before 7:00, when the program inside was well underway, no more latecomers, and a few drops of rain, about 5 protesters were still hanging around, including Susan and Jeff, and I left.

Pretty pathetic.
Nahma Sandrow


Thoughts on Trump’s Indictment

Dear Editor:

I am writing this, as a fervent American war veteran on the Monday preceding the indictment of former President Trump by the Biden Administration, and as a former Jewish-Umbilical-Cord-Democrat. My reason for leaving the party, if you are interested, was the 1993 Oslo Accords, promulgated by, orchestrated and staged by President Clinton (D). This death knell for Israel also catapulted PLO Chair, Jew killing terrorist, Yasser Arafat, to a celebrated world figure who was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. The following 30 years saw the Democrat Party leave the side of Israel, led by the likes of former President Obama,  Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Bernie Sanders and other rabid America and Jew haters who have taken over policy command. They are punching holes in the ship of state….intentionally…… to its doom.

Now, under the one-two punch duo of Obama and Biden, they have brought this country to the precipice of becoming another Cuba and Venezuela. Freedom of speech is now but a memory. Try to get a visiting conservative to complete a lecture at any university. Try to locate a media source that does not owe allegiance to the Democrat Party. If you want to jeopardize your vehicle, place a Trump sticker on the window or trunk. I’m a long time resident of The Bronx. Try to put out the garbage at night without risking your life from thugs. Take the subway at your own risk with hordes of recidivists on the prowl to disable you for life. Or let your kids attend the local public school to where learning is secondary to white bashing and the heralding of transgender or other radical “educational” crap.

And getting back to the Trump ordeal. Here was the greatest White House friend of Jews and Israel in our nation’s history. Here’s a guy who made every world totalitarian leader quake in his boots. He took no crap from anyone, doing his best to safeguard your and my safety. Throw in our families for good measure. He created jobs, brought back manufacturing to this country from China and closed the wide open borders that Obama had created. He fought back to quell the Chinese Wuhan virus that his successor screwed up, to kill hundreds of thousands of our citizens.

 Irwin Holitsky
Bronx, N.Y.

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