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Columbia’s Top 10 Dangerous Hamas Loving Professors Exposed

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Columbia’s Top 10 Nutty Hamas Loving Professors Exposed

By Lieba Nesis

Columbia’s cesspool of antisemitism proceeds as graduates from the School of Social Work ripped up their diplomas on May 12th as the main commencement was canceled due to safety concerns.  Another first includes Columbia’s Union Theological Seminary, with a $127 million endowment, voting to divest from Israel’s War on Gaza. The only US higher education institution to divest, President  Dr. Serene Jones boasted, “we do it with humility and a sense of moral conviction.”  As Harvard promises to reinstate all suspended students and reassess its investments in Israel its capitulation to terroristic demands is reprehensible.

Columbia has become the paradigm of what can go wrong as its faculty remains a linchpin for the raging antisemitism that forced the school to close, while its main hall was broken into as knives and hammers were found inside. As far back as March 2016, 40 Columbia faculty members signed a petition to divest from companies that “profit from a system that has subjugated the Palestinian people.” Most of the antisemitism stems from the Middle Eastern South Asian and Africa Studies (MESSAS) department as well as the English and comparative literature and anthropology departments. Standing with Columbia’s Jewish hate groups Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), these professors have influenced and participated in the anarchy that has gripped campus since Hamas’s massacre of October 7th.

The one thing they weren’t expecting was the lone assistant professor in the Business School, Shai Davidai, who risked his profession, sanity and life to combat the raging Jew hatred that was met with zero blowback.  After the firing of president Lee Bollinger on June 30 2023, whose staunch opposition to BDS and campus antisemitism led to his departure, mayhem ensued at Columbia as Hamas lovers were given free rein. Beginning with October 30th when over 144 Columbia faculty members signed a letter declaring Hamas’s terrorist attacks a legitimate “military action” and calling Israel an apartheid state Jews have been forced to flee for their lives as chants “Go Back to Poland” and “Let’s Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground” reverberate.  On Monday April 22nd hundreds of faculty joined the Gaza Solidarity Encampment to praise the out-of-control students and their right to “free hate speech”-the same day Shai Davidai’s university access card was deactivated.  On April 29th hundreds of Columbia faculty linked arms wearing orange and green vests to protect vandalizing students who refused to voluntarily dismantle the unlawful encampment.  Much of the faculty knew the Hamilton Hall break-in was taking place while university staffers Violet Bupp Chickering and Gabriel Yancy actually participated.

Here is a list of the most egregious and influential Pro-Hamas faculty members who must be fired due to their 24/7 preoccupation with the destruction of Israel:

Joseph Massad:The 61-year-old from Jordan is a tenured professor in Columbia’s MESSAS program teaching Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History.  He began teaching at Columbia in 1999 and was awarded tenure just ten years later despite his controversial writings which included a 2006 essay that called out Zionism for its own hatred of “Jewish Jews and of the Palestinians.”  It wasn’t until the October 7th Hamas massacre that Massad’s antisemitism was spotlighted after he wrote an October 8th article for The Electronic Intifada praising the “stunning victory of the Palestinian resistance over the Israeli military on the first day of fighting.”  Raping, beheading and burning civilians is not one-to one fighting.  He also called Hamas’s takeover of military bases where dozens of defenseless male and female soldiers were slaughtered “incredible”, “astounding”, “innovative” and “astonishing.”  He called Hamas’s use of motorized hang gliders which enabled their rapid killing of Nova festival goers “innovative.”  On April 17th Columbia President Minouche Shafik appeared before the House Committee claiming to be “appalled by his statements” while stating “he has been spoken to” and “no longer chairs the academic review committee at Columbia. “ She also stated that while Massad remains on the faculty to her knowledge he is no longer teaching-another one of her blatant lies with no repercussions as she wasn’t under oath.  In a response to CNN, Massad said he wasn’t removed as chair, nor was he spoken to or under investigation.  In fact Columbia’s Provost, Angela Olinto, apologized to him for the harassment he received.  Shamefully, Massad recounted his chair Gil Hochberg, who is Jewish and Israeli, saying his article was descriptive and educational for her 14-year-old son.  And Yes Massad was on campus April 22nd to support his Jew hating mentees as they spewed venom at passing “Zionists” and threatened Jews with death.

Joseph Massad

Gil Z. Hochberg-This Ransford Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at MESAAS and its Chair, is rancid indeed, despite her Jewish lineage. Hochberg received a PhD in comparative literature from UC Berkeley and is a major proponent of the BDS movement.  Her 2015 book “Visual Occupations” condemned Israel for “erasing the history and denying the existence of Palestinians, by carefully concealing its own militarization.”  She justified the Palestinian glorification of suicide murderers as a “defiant practice of anti-colonial national remembering.” She equated the mandatory service in the Israeli army at the age of 18 as “precisely the same” as Palestinians who celebrate martyrs-it should therefore be no surprise she and her son praised Massad.  Her 2021 book “Becoming Palestine” discusses the “reality of Israel’s existence as a settler-colonial state that oppresses and marginalizes Palestinians.”  In an interview she called for the banishment of Israel as she said “as we become Palestine, the very raison d’être of this entity called Israel is necessarily eliminated.”  Hochberg, whom Massad said is Jewish and Israeli, largely lives in the shadows as do her other keffiyeh clad friends, and little information on her age, family and whereabouts are made public-fire her!!!!!

Gil Hochberg

Rashid Khalidi-Thankfully this Jew hating Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia since 2003 is departing with his retirement conference held on May 3rd-at recently divesting from Israel-Union Theological Seminary.  A former PLO spokesman Rashidi in 2016 called the Trump transition team out “for infesting our government… hand in glove with a similar group within the Israeli government.”  He justified the October 7th attacks by saying “Violence is bred by occupation.”  His colonization of Columbia will soon be over.

Rashid Khalidi

Hamid Dabashi-The 72-year-old tenured Iranian professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia is the author of over a dozen anti-Zionist books.  The MESAAS professor told Al Ahram in a 2004 interview: an Israeli Jew contains “a vulgarity of character that is bone deep and structural to the skeletal vertebrae of its culture.”  He further remarked “maiming and murdering of another people has left its deep marks on the Israeli faces-the way they walk , the way they talk, the way they handle objects, the way they greet each other”-this is straight out of Hitler’s playbook.  President Lee Bollinger strongly condemned these remarks as outrageous yet he still remained employed. In May 2018 Dabashi attributed every “dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act in the world” to Israel.  Equating Israel to ISIS and the Nazi’s while referring to AIPAC as “Gestapo apparatchiks” as an active member of BDS are all part of this antisemite’s vernacular.

Hamid Dabashi

Katherine Franke-Her stint at Columbia began in 2009 as this James L Dohr Professor of Law at Columbia who specializes in Gender and Sexuality Law as well as being the founder and director of Columbia’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law was banned from entering Israel in 2018 due to her antisemitism as chair of the board of The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR).  From August 2020 to May 2021 she was a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) steering committee and is an active member in BDS. She called students who served in the IDF “dangerous” and said they should be banned from campus.  She was a leader in CCR from 2018-21 and Palestine Legal since October 2023. She initiated the shameful October 30th faculty letter calling Hamas’s attack a “military action” and Israel an “apartheid state.”

Katherine Franke

Mohamed Abdou-This visiting professor in modern Arab studies at Columbia teaches a weekly class on “Decolonial-Queerness and Abolition”.  Days after the October 7th attack he declared “Yes I’m with Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.”  And yet Columbia hired this self described “North African Egyptian Muslim anarchist” to teach.  On April 17th Shafik told the House Committee he was terminated “and his files will show he will never work at Columbia again”.  Subsequently, he was spotted numerous times at the Gaza tent encampment claiming he was still employed as Shafik’s unsworn testimony was once again a lie.  On April 16th he tweeted, “I don’t see any American dream-I see an American nightmare.”  The entirety of his Twitter is devoted to destroying Israel and its advocates-kudos to Columbia for hiring this hater after the worst antisemitic attack since the Holocaust.

Mohamed Abdou

Najam Haider-A professor of Religion and the chair of the Department of Religion at Barnard he consistently uses his Twitter account to call out “Israel’s genocide.”  He joined the October 30th letter calling Hamas’s attack a legitimate military action.  This man is truly a Jew “Haider”-perfect for Barnard.

Najam Haider

Nadia Abu El-Haj-This 58-year-old anthropology professor at Columbia received tenure in 2007.  Her father is Palestinian and she spent years studying in Tehran and Beirut.  She is a leader in the BDS movement campaigning in 2015 to get the American Anthropological Association to pass a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions.  In her 2002 book “Facts on the Ground: Archeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society” she claimed Israel archaeologists falsified evidence to prove they lived in the area and said “ancient Israelite kingdoms are a pure political fabrication.”  In March she engaged in the usual trope of controlling Jews by tweeting “I wonder how much money Columbia is spending on its antisemitism Taskforce, and are similar resources spent on Islamophobia”.  Her jew hating tweets frequently quote Rashida Tlaib one of which said “Congress must stop funding this violent Israeli Apartheid regime.”

Nadia Abu El Haj

Joseph Howley-This Columbia University Associate Professor of Classics called the Hamas attacks a legitimate military response in an October 30th letter.  The Jewish Howley is also one of the leaders of “Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine”-an organization dedicated to Palestinian freedom. He is active in BDS and JVP.  He continually espouses his hate for Israel which he denies is antisemitic as he reposts tweets from mentors Nadia Abu and Katherine Franke.  At the heart of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment he praised the students in a viral TikTok as he called on Columbia to divest from Israel calling the far right and Trumpsters evil hegemonies while decrying “Israeli war crimes and atrocities in Gaza.”

Joseph Howley

Munir Atalla-An adjunct assistant professor of film and media at Columbia he organized a Pro-Hamas rally in Times Square on October 8th as a leader of the Palestinian Youth Movement calling on the US to halt aid to Israel. Referring to Gaza as an open-air prison he justified Hamas’s violence as a “right of occupied people to resist.” He was one of the many faculty supporting the Gaza solidarity encampment on April 22nd-let’s say hasta la vista to Atalla!

Munir Atalla

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