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Netanyahu, British PM cancel joint press statement amid protests, hostility

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By WorldIsraelNews.com Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his British counterpart Rishi Sunak canceled a joint press statement on Friday morning as hundreds of protesters against the Jerusalem government’s planned judicial overhaul, including Israeli ex-pats, demonstrated outside 10 Downing Street, screaming ‘Shame!” and “Traitor!”

Netanyahu is on an official visit to the UK, mainly to discuss the Iranian threat. He had planned to depart for London on Thursday afternoon but delayed his flight in order to address the Israeli people on the reforms, saying they will happen and that the reforms would strengthen democracy, but that there is room for discussion with the opposition and for compromise.

“Many in the nation agree that the Supreme Court is run as a closed club for the appointment of judges in a friend brings friend system,” Netanyahu said.

“I will do everything to heal the rift in the nation because we are brotherly people and with God’s help we will do it together, and together we will succeed.”

Opposition leader Yair Lapid slammed the prime minister’s statement, claiming it was “full of lies,” while protest organizers in Israel vowed to continue the mass demonstrations.


Meanwhile, during their discussions Friday, the two leaders discussed the Iranian nuclear issue. Netanyahu thanked Sunak for what he said was the UK’s determined stand on the Iranian issue, stressing that the major powers must step up the pressure and the deterrence on Iran.

They also discussed deepening strategic cooperation in security, intelligence, and economic matters, the Prime Minister’s Office stated. To this end, they agreed to establish a strategic dialogue headed by their national security advisers.

They also welcomed the progress toward a bilateral free trade agreement.

Netanyahu invited Prime Minister Sunak to make an official visit to Israel.

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