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Friday, December 2, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Another Biden Disaster???

Dear Editor,

We’re surely headed for another Biden Disaster, as sure as hell. This know-nothing of a president has led Europe down the road to an upcoming winter of horror on the continent. He cut our own fossil fuel production enough so that we’re no longer shipping and exporting this product to the likes of Britain, Germany and their neighbors, leaving them to the whims and threats of Putin. He now holds the cards this winter to supply mainland Europe with the means to stay warm, keep their factories humming and basically, sustaining life within their borders.  How can they keep backing Ukraine if Russia can threaten to withhold the energy supplies necessary for them to stay alive? They’ll have to bow to his demands. And then we lose.

Biden can now be seen for what he is and what he’s doing to this country. He’s destroying all that we have worked for. He’s built up Russia, worked hand in hand with China and is now begging the Iranians to come back into Obama’s failed nuclear policy that effectively dooms Israel and the Arab nations in the region. Once Iran attains nuclear military grade uranium, the area will be thrown into chaos with Iran calling the threatening shots.

Harvey Fisher
Queens, NY


Queen Elizabeth was a Beacon of Hope 

Dear Editor:

I envy the British. They have political leaders whom they elect at their whim and fancy. They come and go. But they always have someone on the throne, whose leadership, if only on paper and meaningless as far as lawmaking is concerned, is hereditary. For the past 70 years they’ve been blessed with a Queen who stood out for her avoiding politics and standing out as a beacon of hope for her people. She had a bit of normalcy rarely seen in royal circles. She had loads of family problems with her kids and grandchildren. We all know what they were and clearly identified with the situations. Who hasn’t suffered, one way or another from divorce, affairs and the stupidity of family members. But Queen Elizabeth stuck out from the others. Her father led her nation through WWII. She had no similar struggles. She reigned quietly, humbly and had even donned a military uniform and served during the war. Hopefully, her son, King Charles will keep his mouth shut, do his kingly stuff and stay out of trouble. But, who knows?

Eleanor Krumholz
Brighton Beach, NY


Finding an Old Friend

Dear Editor:

Just a human interest story sparked by reading your Letters column of August 26th. I noted a letter written by a Marc Fratello and since it is not a common name, I wondered if this was the childhood friend I had way back in my Brooklyn public school about 25 years ago.With the help of your staff, I contacted Marc and to my joy, he was the same guy I grew up with in Bensonhurst. Miracles still exist.

His letter was about his being attacked by thug kids and how he and his family decided to relocate to Governor DeSantis’ safe and sane Florida. Within the next month, I’m taking my wife and kids down to meet Marc and his familia and he’ll help us house hunt for our own place away from the growing crime and destruction that is now bringing down NYC. I’m taking my business and a few employees have chosen to join me. Goodbye and good luck to you who choose foolishly to remain. Sunny skies, safe environment, good business environment and good leaders, here we come!

Benny Gorelick
Flatbush, Brooklyn


Thanking Ron DeSantis & Greg Abbott

Dear Editor:

I thank Florida Governor DeSantis for sending some of the illegals to Martha’s Vineyard and to Texas Governor for bussing some of them to NYC. Both areas have trumpeted their pride in being sanctuary cities in sanctuary states. Good luck to them both. Mayor Adams has already come out whining that the educational, medical, housing and court systems will shortly be overwhelmed by these new “citizens” if they continue to arrive. Hopefully, they will. After all, since these illegals will do the work that ordinary Americans refuse to do, there should be all sorts of dirty jobs they can fill. They can be given brooms to sweep the streets, they can work in restaurants in the kitchens and even keep the subways clean.

But what of the diseases they carried with them from south of the border? And just how many of them have criminal records? And how many of the children will soon be put at work by child-sexual predators in the business to turn them into prostitution? And how many of them can even read Spanish?

Have you noticed that none of these illegals have carry-ons or any bags containing clothing, food or paperwork? Who are these people welcomed so openly by Americans who are used to law and order, identification and hard work? Where will they live, be educated, be fed, be treated medically and housed? While our left wing legislators and mayors welcome these illegals, it will be us normal citizens who will pay the price of their entry into our country.

Sheila Aronowitz


Ditch the United Nations

Dear Editor:

Seriously, why does the US continue to participate in the United Nations. That body has so dramatically changed since its inception that it has rendered itself useless. What was the last time the UN got involved in a conflict and was able to bring about peace? When has the UN done anything to prevent situations like the Ukraine? Why has the UN become a forum for terrorist nations who dare to sit on the UN Human Rights Commission? Why does the UN single out Israel as a pariah, devoting a daily part of its schedule to criticizing only the Jewish State.  The UN has clearly outlived its mandate and instead, it becomes a daily sounding board for attacks on Israel.

The alternative would be for the US to withdraw from the UN and form a new body of nations who practice democratic governing. This new body would be free from control by the mullahs of the Middle East and could actually work towards humanitarian causes and act as a true peacemaker when disputes arose.

The UN has rendered itself irrelevant and useless.  Democracies around the world need to acknowledge that and band together to form a true alliance to promote world peace and humanitarian causes.

Howard B. Weber, Esq.
Brooklyn, NY

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