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A Lesson For Americans……Europe Will Freeze This Winter

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The lyrics to the 1944 hit, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” the popular song written by Frank Loesser, well before the advent of the Global Warming theories, might be the theme for all of Europe during at least the upcoming winter. Their progressive-provoked calls for the cessation of the burning of fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere and the repudiation of nuclear energy that comes with the problematic disposal of its waste, for their energy sources, has turned that continent into a futuristic (they imagined) colony of clean energy advocates that hoped to flourish with renewable but unreliable sources such as wind and solar power. Unfortunately the advice they took and gobbled up, from such scientific geniuses as Al Gore, Swede teen, Greta Thunberg and of course, President Biden has led to a moment of panic. In a mad dash to “outwoke” each other, Europe is facing the reality of their stupidity. Not enough energy to meet their heating and industrial needs in the upcoming months. Pollute, NO! Freeze, YES!

Elon Musk, now the devil to the Radical Left stated in relation to the suddenly recognized problem: “Civilization will crumble” without oil or gas. Germany, the industrial powerhouse of the Continent is now having their citizens collecting firewood to heat their homes, much as they did centuries ago. And Poles are waiting on lines for days to purchase coal for necessary heat during the frigid upcoming winter. What is old is now new to the modern world which is slipping into the past.

Of all people, then President Trump warned the Germans of their folly of energy policy in a UN speech four years ago. He cautioned: “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.” He was referring to their growing dependence on windmills and solar. The German delegation laughed at this “idiot.” But come winter, they may be prevented from scoffing because of their shivering. Europe is now dependent on their enemy, Putin, to help them survive until they truly awaken from the fatal green slumber of death by cold. Point of fact: According to The Lancet, “Cold weather is 20 times as deadly as hot weather.”

Will America go the way of Europe and divest from fossil fuels? Looks that way if the Democrats keep control of Congress in November. We’ve already had energy crises in “woke” areas of the country. In Colorado recently, the Xcel electric utility company turned off the air conditioning of its 22,000  customers during a heat wave citing an “energy emergency.” The users had no control over the temperatures in their own homes. Their sources of energy, wind an sun, were insufficient to produce enough power during this situation. It’s coming to other regions controlled by the Progressives. Look at California Governor Gavin Newsom who called on his citizens to raise the temperatures in their homes during a heat wave.

It was reported that at the time of his speech, his office thermostat was set at 76 degrees. And that same governor ruled that the state will outlaw gas vehicles in 2035. Tens of millions of new customers for the undependable, expensive solar and wind sources that are presently incapable of handling today’s needs. The lunacy of the Left to turn our planet into a Green Orb will be the return to prehistoric days when the fuel to heat and cook were limbs and branches of trees and the remedy for cold were furs. Get ready.

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