140 Islamic Jihad Targets Have Been Struck in Gaza Since “Operation Breaking Dawn” Was Launched by Israel - The Jewish Voice
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140 Islamic Jihad Targets Have Been Struck in Gaza Since “Operation Breaking Dawn” Was Launched by Israel

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By: A7 Staff

IDF forces struck an offensive terror tunnel in Gaza overnight, an IDF Spokesman said.

140 Islamic Jihad targets have been struck in Gaza since Operation Breaking Dawn was launched on Friday afternoon.

Gaza terrorists have launched 580 rockets and mortars at Israel so far.

Islamic Jihad confirmed early Sunday morning that Khaled Mansour, the leader of the organization’s southern division, was eliminated in an IDF attack in the Gaza Strip.

Also eliminated in the attack was Ziad Al-Mudallal, the son of the senior Islamic Jihad leader Ahmad al-Mudallal.

Over the years, Mansour was involved in dozens of incidents of rocket fire, mortar bombs and anti-tank missiles. During Operation Guardian of the Walls in 2021, he was responsible for hundreds of rocket launches towards Israel.

The head of the operations department in the IDF, Major General Oded Basiuk, told the media on Saturday night that “the entire security elite of the Islamic Jihad has been eliminated.”

“Another very important phenomenon could be seen in the last few hours. The Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets, a significant part of which hits inside the Gaza Strip. According to all the data I have – I see that the attack on Jabaliya is self-inflicted. The organization not only endangers Israeli lives, it also hurts the Palestinians. We will continue and act against the Islamic Jihad as long as we need to. We will not stop until the Islamic Jihad stops threatening us. Patience is important, not everything works smoothly in such operations. So far the results are good,” said the general.

On Saturday night, the IDF presented video evidence that a failed rocket attack by the Islamic Jihad was responsible for the deaths of several children in Jabalia, north of Gaza City, contrary to Arab claims that an Israeli attack caused the deaths of the children.

The IDF on Sunday morning published a new video and information on the assassination of Islamic Jihad’s Southern Gaza Division Commander Khaled Mansour.

The operation was approved by the Chief of the General Staff, the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister.

Overnight, IDF, ISA (Shabak) and Israel Border Police forces conducted counterterrorism activities in order to apprehend Islamic Jihad terrorist operatives in Judea and Samaria.

During IDF counterterrorism activity, in the cities of Jenin, and in the towns of as well of Tzaida, Anaza, and Ra’i, as in the Tulkarm refugee camp, six terror operatives belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization were apprehended. During the activity, Arab rioters hurled IEDs, explosives, burning tires and rocks at IDF soldiers. The soldiers responded with riot dispersal means.

In the towns of Jabal Mawalach, Al-Khader, Umm Asala and Bayt Fajar, IDF soldiers apprehended six terror operatives belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

In addition, IDF soldiers apprehended three terror operatives belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the city Nablus. During the counterterrorism activity, Arab rioters hurled rocks and IEDs and shot at IDF soldiers.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday warned Israel against making a “miscalculation” towards Lebanon similar to the one he said it has made towards Gaza.

“We in Hezbollah are following up on what’s happening hour by hour and we’re in constant contact with our dear brothers in the leadership of the Islamic Jihad movement. We’re also in contact with our brothers in the leadership of the Hamas movement and the rest of the Palestinian factions,” Nasrallah said in a sermon, according to the Lebanese Naharnet news website.

“We believe that the resistance will have the upper hand in this battle,” he added, noting that “it is clear that the enemy always goes to wrong calculations.”

“We’ve heard intimidation statements by the enemy against the resistance in Palestine and the resistance in Lebanon. It is bombing in Gaza and addressing Lebanon at the same time, but it is making wrong calculations,” Nasrallah continued.

He warned that “the enemy is making wrong calculations when it is addressing Lebanon.”

“It is making wrong calculations if it thinks that it can intimidate or scare us. Do not make a miscalculation towards Lebanon. Anything that you do and anything that you say cannot at all affect our will, morale and decision,” Nasrallah threatened.


Nasrallah also ridiculed a recent statement by Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, who threatened to obliterate Beirut’s southern suburbs should Hezbollah attack the Karish gas platform.

“If he were the agriculture minister, we would have said that he has a mattock, but he is the finance minister,” Nasrallah said sarcastically.

“He threatened to wipe out the southern suburbs. You can say what you want and I will not respond to this threat. Days are between us and you know that today the resistance is stronger than ever,” he added.

The Hezbollah leader has upped his attacks against Israel recently, as Lebanon and Israel hold negotiations, mediated by the US, on the maritime border between them.

Several weeks ago, Nasrallah threatened Israel and said that not only the Karish gas rig is under threat but all of Israel’s gas fields in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. (IsraelNationalNews.com)






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