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Report: Netflix Star Julia Haart Paid to Meet & Seduce Billionaire Ex

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Seems like Netflix reality show star Julia Haart is continuing to garner dubious ink in the media.

The formerly Orthodox Jewish housewife and mother of four from Monsey, New York has not only catapulted herself to celebrity status but it has now been revealed that she created a persona in order to marry billionaire ex-husband Silvio Scaglia.

Recently, it was reported that Haart and Scaglia had called it quits after their four year marriage, but the Post reports that Haart’s motives in marrying Scaglia were not necessarily for love.

Insiders told the Post about the game plan Haart crafted in order to meet and then subsequently marry the Italian founder and president of the World Elite Group. The report reveals that she even indirectly paid for an introduction back in 2015.

Having presented herself to Scaglia as a successful fashionista and businesswoman, Haart, 51, was in actuality in the red with her designer shoe business, according to the Post report.

The Post reported that they had seen documentation that show that Haart made an agreement to compensate an acquaintance to be introduced to “Louis Pong, one of Scaglia’s best friends and a co-investor in Elite World Group, Scaglia’s fashion company that includes brands such as La Perla.”

Haart eventually was appointed to the position of creative director of La Perla, a high end lingerie outfit that caters to the affluent.

Pong said Haart flew to Tokyo for a 40-minute meeting with Scaglia in April 2015, according to the Post report.  The meeting finally came to fruition after Haart’s repeated “begging” to meet the business mogul. The Post reported that Pong said it was quite obvious to him that Haart had an agenda to meet and seduce Scaglia. At the time of their meeting, the Post reported, he was married to his first wife, Monica.

“In my view, Julia was not just trying to charm Silvio with her designs, but with herself,” Pong told the Post. “She asked me, ‘What should I wear, should I be sexy?’ before meeting Silvio.

“In my view she was not truly in love with him,” Pong told The Post. “Do I regret introducing them? Absolutely.”

For her part, Haart flatly denies such accusations of manipulative behavior. Her representative told the Post that Pong had told Haart that Scaglia was “egotistical” and a “bad guy.” Pong has denied saying anything of the sort.

Scaglia, 63, told The Post about the courtship with this no ex-wife and how he fell for her. Her presentation was so on the mark that she really thought Haart was a clever and experienced businesswoman.

The Post reported that in the end, Scaglia and other she worked with at Elite World Group came to the realization that Haart lacked business experience and knowledge of the technical end of the fashion world.

“She flew all the way just to meet me and I know now that she paid people to be introduced to me,” Scaglia told the Post. “She claimed to have patents which she did not. This was all to make me fall in love with her.”

The Post reported that in July 2021, Haart told the New York Times that, “I found investors in the craziest places. I found one investor at a restaurant. Second investor on an airplane. Third investor in an eye doctor’s office. Miracles. Literal miracles. I once said to them, what made you invest in me? One of them said, ‘Julia, you just looked like you wouldn’t fail, and we just trusted that.’”

“In reality she had nothing … She was just a bulk of lies from the very beginning,” Scaglia told the Post.

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