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Socialite Libbie Mugrabi Pays Over $200K for Warhol Piece at UK Auction

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The world of New York City’s socialites takes many twists and turns and now the Post reported that Libbie Mugrabi, (whose ex-husband David was a leading collector of Andy Warhol art) is now plunking down her own cash to snap up some work done by the avantgarde artist at a recent auction, according to a report in the New York Post.

A source told the Post that the Libbie spent a staggering $201,600 at an evening auction at Phillips London for a Warhol painting called “Electric Chair.”

Warhol was known for his screenprints and this piece was part of his Death and Disaster series.

Speaking of Warhol, for those not familiar with the extent of Warhol’s works or his life for that matter, Netflix has been running the popular “Warhol Diaries” in order to give viewers a revealing glimpse into the mind and talent of the iconic artists who rose to international fame upon his arrival in New York City in the 1960s.

In 2018, Libbie decided to call its quits with hubby David who also happens to be a Warhol super afficionado. The Post reported that his family are the proud owners of a $5 billion art collection and takes first prize as the world’s largest private collection of Warhol works.

Unfortunately for everyone concerned, it has been reported that the Mugrabi divorce was one of the nastiest in New York City circles. The Post also reported that a major battle between the couple took place over “blue-chip art works including a $500,000 Keith Haring sculpture.”

The Post reported that the fractious pair even allegedly tussled in their Upper East Side apartment over possession of the sculpture.

While the couple may have settled their long running dispute in December 2020 over the sculpture, the Post reported that a judge directed both Mugrabis to trade a number of pieces of art that they owned during the course of their marriage.

More friction ensued when Libbie claimed that the artwork that the judge ordered her ex to send her arrived damaged. The Post reported that Libbie sought recourse by filing a report with police out in tony Southampton, the summer playground for the rich and famous.

Outraged and annoyed, Libbie asserted that her ex sent her a $2 million Warhol painting known as “Statue of Liberty” that was stained by water. As such, the value of the iconic artist’s painting would drop dramatically among art assessors and experts.

The London auction brought in $21 million in sales, according to the Post report.

Libbie, however, has been forging ahead with her life and the Post recently reported that she was spotted in the Hamptons; more specifically in Amagansett. The report indicated that she was buying swag like sweatshirts and t-shirts at the Casa Del Sol Tequila oceanfront mansion, dubbed House of the Sun, during an event thrown by Kristin Cavallari and her jewelry brand Uncommon James.

The Post reported that rumor has it that guests at the party later headed to Surf Lodge where Macy Gray and Common performed.

The crowd cheered for the rapper when he dedicated his set to “all the ladies,” saying, “F–k those that voted against Roe v. Wade,” as was reported by the Post.

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