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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Lapid and his wife to move to secured area in Jerusalem

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(A7) nInterim Prime Minister Yair Lapid and his wife Lihi will sleep Saturday night in the secured area on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

A statement from Lapid’s office said, “In a meeting between Prime Minister Lapid and Shabak (Israel Security Agency) chief Ronen Bar, the issue of moving to the Balfour residence was discussed.”

“It was clarified that most of the infrastructure issues detailed in the State Comptroller’s report have not yet been fixed, and that there has been progress made in the updating of the means of security which Shabak is responsible for.”


“As an alternative to the Balfour residence, Prime Minister Lapid will use an apartment of the Shabak security staff within the secured area on Balfour.”

It was also stated that the costs of updating Lapid’s home in Tel Aviv will be as required and minimal, so as to limit the harm to the neighbors’ routines.

“In order to reduce costs, use will be made of existing security infrastructures, which can be transferred from other tasks,” the statement said.

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