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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

America Turned Off to Elections??  Blame Hillary

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If there’s anything you can put your money on it’s that whatever comes out of the mouth of Hillary Clinton, cannot be believed. And the dark clouds hovering over the candidacy of Joe Biden running in 2024 would be good cause for all of us to understand that the focus of Hillary is the White House…no matter what she says. During a recent interview on “CBS Mornings,” the former failed presidential candidate was asked by co-host Gayle King if there was “any scenario” in which she thought about jumping back into the day to day of politics and she replied, , “No…but I miss it. I miss it.” Enough said. Hillary, a real-life piranha, with the white shark’s sense of blood in the water, is surely going to be a Democrat wannabe in two years. What other candidates does the party have? If the likes of California Governor Gavin Newsome, ex-NYC Mayor DeBlasio, Peter Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are the top favorites, according to NBC, Hillary’s mouth is not only working full time, but also drooling at the thought of another campaign. She’ll have them all for lunch.

But she and the Democrat Party have got big problems because of her and The Party’s involvement with the false claims leveled against President Trump, accusing him of being a pawn of and being in collusion with Vladimir Putin. Her fingers deep into the false FISA warrant, her law firm’s involvement in the big lie of Trump as a traitor to this country will surely be re-unveiled if Trump turns out to be her opponent. A big stumbling block to overcome even if she faces off against a different Republican adversary. Unfortunately for her Democrat Party, the tarnish of her actions and those of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the January 6th Hearings, have turned off the voters who would normally be supportive of the party. They have been burned and are disheartened. This will be evident in the turnout in two years.

We recently conducted a street survey of those who identified themselves as Democrats and Republicans. We asked them if they were “excited, enthused or non-concerned and not looking forward to voting in 2022 and 2024 and why.” It turned out that those who claimed to be Republicans were chomping at the bit to vote for their candidates, while those who spoke as Democrats were generally demoralized at the prospects of the elections. They feared their party was going to “get shellacked, destroyed and wiped out.” They attributed their concerns to what they declared were the false charges that “went on and on” against Trump and their feelings that President Biden is, “not up to the challenge of the office.” Republicans interviewed were staunch in their beliefs that the upcoming elections would be,” an historical tsunami never seen before in this nation’s election history.”

When questioned specifically about Hillary’s candidacy, many Democrats were reluctant to support her. They claimed that she was “tarnished merchandise, too old, out of touch since leaving as Secretary of State and that she was not likable as a person.” Many feared the “Bill Clinton story of sex” as a negative that would be brought up in the primaries in a presidential election.

We believe in the Two Party System, and as such, hope that in the ensuing months before the 2022 vote, the Democrat Party tries to enhance its image by elbowing out the likes of Pelosi, Hillary, Kamala and also start preparing a proper presidential candidate who would prove to be good for America and its future. We will not be happy with a ruling single party, whichever it is, who would control this nation for years on end. We need competition in politics and the Democrats are doing all in their power to hand it over to the Republicans. Democrats!!! Wake up!!!!

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