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Letters to the Editor

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NYC Mayor Part of the “Ruling Class’?

Dear Editor:

Rocco M. was right on the money when he told Mayor Adams to, “put the tuxedo into storage and start being a regular New Yorker and see what it’s like for us every day.” But it’ll never happen, The mayor is a pompous ass who is now part of the ruling elite. He should walk into the subway station without his swarm of armed cops, pay his fare like the rest of us commoners, wait on the platform, get on the train and face the perils of the city like the rest of us. Let him learn what it’s like to look over his shoulder for self protection. But no such luck. The guy’s a phony, through and through.

Paul Klausner
Yonkers, NY


Bored by the Jan 6th Hearings

Dear Editor:

The Jan 6th hearings are similar to the eons long-running daily serial Grey’s Anatomy, and just as realistic and boring. The witnesses are sorted out for loyalty to the Democrat party, well-choreographed and rehearsed. Of course, these hearings are held without any cross examination or contrary judges sitting in their seats, all handpicked by Nancy Pelosi for their anti-trump hatred. This is a continuation of the false FISA initiated charges of Russian collusion leveled at President Trump that has long been noted as a fraud. But leave it to the Progressives to use anti-democratic measures to try to convict Trump. It’ll never happen.

Henry Nossiter
Riverdale, NY


Will Ukraine Fall to Russia?

Dear Editor:

There is no question that the Ukraine will fall to Russia. only time is on their side. The Russians will continue to use their “sit back and destroy with armor and air power,” while they have a superior number of troops to throw into the battle giving rest for front troops. The Ukraine does not have the number of troops to refresh the front lines. In addition, President Biden is extremely slow in supporting the Ukrainians. Does his family’s involvement in that country’s inner circle with Hunter Biden have anything to do with our support or lack of for the Ukraine? Just what underlies this country’s attitude in that area? I’d like to know.

Gordon Singer


The Real Culprit Behind High Gas Prices

Dear Editor:

Who is responsible for our high prices for gasoline? Who is responsible for our huge inflation? Who is responsible for our lack of infant formula? Who is responsible for our crime? For our open borders? For our poorly functioning schools? If you listen to the Democrats, it’s Trump’s fault. Is there nothing negative in the country that is not his fault? We have to get a new group in the House and Senate in 2022 in order to correct these problems. Strange, we never encountered them during Trump’s reign, only once Biden took office. That tells the whole story.

Channah Hurwits
Freeport, NY


Wilhelm DeBlasio: Bad Penny, Bad Actor

Dear Editor:

Wilhelm is the Bad Penny you can’t get rid of. “Offering an illustration of why he has severed any connection with AIPAC, JTA reported that the former New York City mayor made a specific mention of Nina Turner, a staunch Bernie Sanders acolyte.”  Wilhelm campaigned with his arm around Linda Sarsour, whose virulent Jew hate speech caused even Biden to disassociate himself with her. He doesn’t say a word about the virulent Arab hate speech on Palestinian Media Watch, https://palwatch.org/:

  • “Murder of Israeli athletes in Munich is a “heroic operation” according to Abbas’ Fatah.
  • “Palestinian children recite poems on official PA TV stating that “our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail,” Jews are “the most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”
  • “For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Palestinian ‎Authority, in a program on official ‎PA TV, the host taught viewers that the Holocaust was the price the Jews paid for their ‎evil behavior – their “conspiracies and wickedness.”

But he raises his foul voice to condemn AIPAC. He left NYC in crime ridden ruins. Let’s chip in for a one way ticket back to Cuba where he honeymooned and where his socialist heart really is. He can wait on bread lines there instead of creating new ones here where you are more likely to get shot waiting on line.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Dealing with “Sham” Leadership

Dear Editor:

Is there any American voter, Democrat or Republican who cannot see that our president, Joe Biden is suffering from some affliction affecting his mental state? He’s not the corner grocer, nor the plumber. He runs this country with 350 million people who depend on his decisions for their lives. How are there still any supporters of his? Where is their logic, common sense and concern for themselves and their families?

This country must wake up and come to the realization that our leadership is a sham, a facade that is noticeable to our enemies who will surely take advantage of the situation. With all the talk of how bad Trump was (with no evidence at all) how can Democrats even continue to voice their approval of Biden’s actions? Before it’s too late, they must understand that the leadership must change to give us any hope of survival in this tough world.

Phyllis Frankel
Howard Beach, NY

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