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Letters to the Editor

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Tax Dollars Going Down the Drain

Dear Editor:

Drip, drip, drip watch as your tax dollars go down the drain. The United States Secret Service recently admitted that almost $100 billion in CARE COVID relief fund benefits have been lost to fraud. One wonders how many more billions have been lost to waste, fraud and abuse out of several trillion dollars Washington spends on thousands of other programs each year.

In the rush to get CARE COVID-19 money out the door, it appears that everyone forgot to check and verify the eligibility for recipients of funding. Congress just passed a bill that President signed authorizing Uncle Sam to increase our national debt by another $2.5 trillion from the present $29 trillion.

Isn’t it about time we spend the same amount of energy to recoup $100 billion and more of lost funds before borrowing even more? Besides a National Debt Clock, we need to add a National Federal Fraud Clock, It should be placed behind the podiums in the chambers of both the House and Senate as a reminder.

Larry Penner
Great Neck


Taking DeBlasio to Task

Dear Editor:

I don’t know about you, but I am counting the days to the say good riddance to Comrade DeBlasio. He has all but destroyed the city we love. The crime is off the charts again. People are afraid to go on the subway now that the violent mentally ill have taken over. Gun violence has made New York streets like Dodge City in the 1800’s. De-funding one Billion dollars from the NYPD and eliminating the undercover gun squad has demoralized the police. They are retiring in droves and who will want to join the force now? Bail reform has released violent felons back into the streets with a court appearance date which they never keep. De Blasio leaves with blood on his hands.

His draconian mandates have destroyed many a small business and created hostility and violence between the vaccinated and un-vaccinated. New Yorker’s stress levels are at their absolute breaking point. Good riddance Di Blasio, I hope you become known in one way only, “ As the worst mayor New York City ever had”. God Speed Eric Adams I am praying you can turn things around and help New York become the great city it once was.

Elissa Maldonado
Gerritsen Beach
Brooklyn, NY


Against Non-Citizens Voting

Dear Editor,

Departing Mayor DeBlasio should slam the door shut and never return to the city once he leaves office next week. He leaves the shattered remains that once was the glowing city of fun, safety and enjoyment for millions of its citizens and guests. Now it is a dark place of crime, graft, hate and despondency. His final blow, to give nearly a million illegals and non citizens the right to cast their votes for the future of the city was madness. But the useless, corrupt, ignorant City Council remains to continue the destruction of NYC. Perhaps the people who do vote, who work here, whose kids go to the worthless public schools, deserve what they want. Good luck to them. My family and I saw the light years ago and bailed out. We weren’t lucky….we were smart. And I’m chuckling now.

Arthur Medlinsky
Massapequa, NY

Loves the Jewish Voice!

Dear Editor:

Your paper tells it like it is. I love reading your great columns, your letters to the editor and your “tell it like it is” editorial viewpoints. Your support for Israel may disturb the radical Jewish Left but it’s likely they read and spout the crap found in the Forward, NYT and the Federation’s weekly. But you guys hit the nail on the head. I particularly enjoy reading the weekly cover stories written by Fern Sidman. As an experienced journalist, she really presents a highly accurate and nuanced report. Continue serving the community. Thanks for all you do!

Sanford Bergman


Concerns About “Build Back Better”

Dear Editor:

What is it with the Democrats’ avoiding the logic behind Senator Joe Manchin’s concerns about the Build Back Better bill that threatens to bankrupt the nation? Why can’t more of them give support to this guy who stands up to the corrupt leaders of his own party? Why their loyalty to the Progressives who want our nation converted to the concept of Communism? 74% of his own constituents in W. Virginia support his bashing of the BBB deal. He has a 60% approval rating in one of the reddest states. My own Senator, Chuckie Boy Schumer could learn a lesson or two from this guy who hails from what most Democrats refer to as a “dumb-as-dirt state.” These hicks from W. Virginia have got it head over heels over the snobs in New York when it comes to common sense.

Bernie Karp


Are We a Leaderless Nation?

Dear Editor:

How much longer before the nations of Iran, Russia, China and North Korea roll over us and destroy the once great, invulnerable democracy called the United States? Our leader in the White House and his replacement are totally incompetent for all to see. You’d have to be blind or completely out of it not to understand that we are a nation floating without leadership and without the strength of purpose to ward off any attacks on us. Our military is now busy learning about the “whiteness” of our leaders and not how to defend us. Our kids are being taught to hate their parents for their “whiteness” and privileges that come from their hard work and efforts. We are corroding from within. Rotting away. We have to awaken our leaders at the polls next year to remove them from office. But, by then, it may be too late.

Arnold Schwartzman

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