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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kamala Harris is a Growing Problem

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Let’s get right to the point: The two top elected leaders of this country constitute a clear and present danger to our survival. Throw in for added effect, that they are not only incompetent, inept, artless, they are both totally useless in their positions they hold. In previous rants of frustration, we’ve covered Sleepy Joe and his obvious failing mental capacity that is most assuredly clear to our mortal enemies now making their moves to threaten our nation’s survival. In ordinary situations the Vice President would be looked on as the obvious back-up were it necessary to replace a sitting President for one of a multitude of reasons. But, we’re now in a bind. Kamala Harris is probably less competent than her boss and that’s scary.

Cackling Kamala would be more suited as a comic-mate to the likes of George, in the Seinfeld series. Her obvious uselessness and lack of concern for her job has even earned the enmity of the President and his handlers, making her persona-non-grata even to the leaders of her own party whose support she would need in the White House. In very recent days, we’ve all heard rumors that the relationship between her and Joe has been going down the drain. Biden and his behind the scenes handlers were appalled and outraged over her lack of performance and the obvious disarray of her own office. Her key aides are leaving her employ in droves.

Many are eyeing the exits after a handful of staffers called it quits recently. And just last week, her top senior adviser, Symone Sanders, gave notice she’ll leave this week. This follows her communications director Ashley Etienne’s departure last month.

One former aide’s comments: “People are thrown under the bus from the very top. There are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like sh-t.” Since one bad thing leads to another, Kamala’s remaining executives are clumsily lobbing bombs accusing Biden’s office of not supporting her. She’s currently adrift, a sinking ship, on her own, and we cannot forget that she’s in line to replace a president sure to need one, ASAP. How can she possibly take the helm with her approval ratings currently at 28% and dropping as you read these words?

Her most stunning failure in office was her total disregard for her role given her by President Biden in March, 2021, to be the Immigration Czar, and to formulate a rational policy on our southern border. She has yet to visit the actual border points, to view first hand the immigration crisis, to see the plight of immigrants, to hear the suggestions of border security agents or to come up with a strategy to solve this growing humanitarian crisis. Rather, she’s been seen and video’d in coffee shops and even in a promo for her made by NASA, shot with adoring kid actors paid to gush at her words. She’s out of the loop and hopefully will be out of office soon, replaced by a president who himself, needs a total overhaul. We can’t make this up. Are we in big trouble, or what??

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