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The Real Villains in Kenosha: The Prosecutors & the Media

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The Rittenhouse trial (that should never have been) saga ended last week with an appropriate acquittal. But the handling of the case by, what we consider to be a criminal District Attorney and a shamelessly biased reporting by the mainstream media left not much room for a hands-clapping celebration. Rather, the combination of these two culprits left Kyle Rittenhouse and his family as negatively tattooed victims… for life.

For some strange, unfathomable reason, this trial was painted with a racial battleground by the Far Left media. Avowed MSNBC black racist, Joy Reid, compared the Kyle Rittenhouse trial to the 2015 Brett Kavanaugh hearings, claiming both men benefited from their “male, white tears” while defending themselves. And from MSNBC national affairs analyst, John Heilemann: “A white, Trump-supporting MAGA-loving Blue Lives Matter, social media partisan, 17 year old, picks up a gun, drives from one state to another, with the intent to shoot people.” And during the trial, the cell phone of the presiding Judge Schroeder went off with the ringtone being Lee Greenwood’s hit, “God bless the USA.” Bryan Behar wrote: “That’s literally the MAGA national anthem. Can’t we just jump ahead to the appeal?” So, according to the Radical Left leaning media, bad white guys Donald Trump were part and parcel of this trial. You can’t make this up.

Now for the prosecution. They brought to the stand as one of their key witnesses, Gaige Grosskreutz, who had been wounded by Rittenhouse. He openly admitted that he had raised his illegal pistol at the teen, who fired first, proving that the defendant acted in self defense. The prosecution hid the facts that Gage had a long criminal record from the jury. The prosecution also held back from he defense, the high resolution drone video that made clear the defendant was chased and threatened by those he shot. This was a good case for a mistrial were the verdict, “Guilty.”

The prosecution, from the beginning slapped Rittenhouse with a large number of charges that were later proven false. The defendant was charged initially as an adult which at the time of the shooting, he was not and he was also charged with carrying an illegal weapon, also proven false. Did the team of highly paid prosecutors ever complete their first year of law school? Or are they as corrupt as they behaved? Strangely, before the trial, many experts testified that a large number of charges wouldn’t work, especially with very little evidence of criminality from that night.

“He’s got nothing. Just don’t understand it. What are we doing here” We’re all kind of scratching hour head,’ said Daniel Adams, a former Milwaukee County assistant district attorney. And we wonder if the Kenosha County DA, Mike Graveley, was politically influenced to push for this case to be heard. Shortly after the shootings, then Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, weighed in on the case. He compared Kyle Rittenhouse to “white supremacists and militia groups.”

This trial makes us a bit unsettled. We saw obvious incidents of criminal attacks against an innocent victim who was then himself prosecuted for actions of self defense. His and the lives of his family are now destroyed, completely. Evidently race and the Second Amendment were crucial in bringing this case to trial. This business of “White Supremacy” will continue to wreak havoc on us unless we awaken to the dangers of the Progressive, BLM, Marxist agenda threatening our democracy. Keep your eyes and ears open and speak up!

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