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Monday, May 23, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Thanksgiving & Love for America

Dear Editor:

This week we celebrate another Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not interested in “Black Friday,” the day that kicks off the Holiday shopping spree. My family will join together on Thursday to celebrate our living in this beautiful, free, bountiful land. My parents came here with $100 in their pockets and with hard work and devotion to one another, they prospered. They had to learn the language, customs and behavior of this new land. But they did and they did it by having the innate desire to succeed. They did not rely on the government. They did not hire lawyers to claim discrimination, nor did they demand that public notices be printed in Russian, Polish or Yiddish. They learned English in night school and by home schooling themselves with dictionaries and the daily newspaper. So, this holiday of Thanksgiving means more to me than a sale on clothes or toasters. It reinforces my family’s love for America and all that it stands for.

Herbert Schlossman


Concerned About Eric Adams

Dear Editor:

I’ve been reading about the new Mayor-to-be-Eric Adams. We have no idea how he will pull this city out out of the hole it is in. Will he fight against the current City Council and challenge their radical ways? Will he cow down to AOC and the political pressures she’s sure to put on him? Will he stand up to the BLM movement that threatens to turn our town into another Portland or Seattle? Will he lower taxes and try to keep the money people in town? The future of this town now relies on this guy. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Joseph DelGado


Inflation & Home Heating Oil

Dear Editor:

My home is heated by oil. My next delivery will cost me over $400, COD. Last year the cost to fill my tank was $210. The problem is not me dealer nor the producer of the fuel, it is the Democrats’ war on the carbon fuel industry. My problem was voting for this administration without thinking of the problems they would inflict on the middle class. I’m paying the price for my own stupidity. 2022 can’t come quickly enough.

Elliot Grossman
Massapequa, NY

Black Hate Crime in Wisconsin

Dear Editor:

A day after Kyle Rittenhouse is found innocent–an angry felon of multiple charges in various states–who once ran over his ex girlfriend with an SUV drives thru a Christmas parade in a conservative and white town in Wisconsin, killing five. The media withholds his name for hours on end , until a local NY blogger at 3 in the morning figures out who was the killer. The perpetrator is a black , gangster rapper with a social media footprint filled with pro BLM rhetoric, talk of revenge against White people , rants about George Floyd, and yes rants about Kyle Rittenhouse. Darrel Brooks is a black supremacist but the facts are buried fast as Twitter scrubs and pulls his account.

Within 24 hours, the media claims he was evading police , while videos show the maniac, deliberately mowing down White people. The Orwellian legacy broadcast media and social media giants , start changing the language from Christmas massacre to “ car crash”, a day later the story vanishes from the media , forever down the memory hole. In a world where “the woke” control the dissemination of all information , a black hate crime cannot exist. Darrel Brooks committed a hate crime , they can bury it, they can twist it, but the informed and knowledgeable know the truth. White lives don’t matter, especially when a Black racist is exterminating those lives.

Pedro Marinquez


The Media & the Rittenhouse Case

Dear Editor:

Forget about the decision in the Rittenhouse case. The Woke Wacko’s have taken over the criminal justice system. And everything else. A white guy was defamed as a racist by the mainstream media because he shot three other white guys. How is that for lunacy? Everything now revolves about evil whites and good blacks. If Woke White Jews who go out of their minds defending and supporting blacks think for one moment that there will be any tears shed for them when blacks come for them….fuggedaboudit! Take the violence against Jews by blacks in NYC as an example and as a start for future assaults.

Harry Siegel

What’s Wrong with the Justice System?

Dear Editor:

The car that rammed through the Kenosha parade was driven by a black. One with an arm’s length of criminal assaults and a mile’s worth of due process failures. The criminal element among blacks has skyrocketed to their being accountable, nationally, for about 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies and 66% of all violent crime, according to the Manhattan Institute. Raise those figures for NYC, Chicago and all other major cities. Our criminal justice system permits them to walk after being booked, with little or no bail, to continue their spree of criminality. Look at those gangs of black “youth” who wipe out the shelves of retail stores who are given the green light to do so by our leaders. And I’m writing as an educated, liberal, law abiding black Dad with four kids all suffering because they are black. We are all embarrassed and ashamed. We are the real victims.

Monte Harrison
Newark, NJ

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