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How the Marxist Revolution Will Destroy America

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Karl Marx, wherever his soul may be, is grinning at the success of his Marxist Movement slowly taking over the nation he hated the most, the United States. One of his ardent supporters, Michelle Leete, a top Vice President of the entire Virginia PTA’s, who also serves as the VP of one of that state’s major NAACP branches, was outed when she publicly, referring to opponents of Critical Race Theory, stated, “Let them die.” This black woman was asked to resign from her parent-teacher position for her comment, with this confusing statement: “While not speaking in her role within Virginia PTA we do not condone the choice of words used during a public event on Thursday July 15th.” Why merely “not condone?” Why not “totally condemn” this incitement to violence and death from one of their bigoted top officials? Who would be annoyed by their words indicating true outrage and disgust at the hate emanating from one of their own leaders? After all, her comments were made while still a sitting PTA officer. Words have consequences. From both sides.

And where are the entire nation’s NAACP’s on this matter? None, to the date of this writing, have condemned her for these words of hate. No doubt she will be hailed by the likes of Congresswomen Omar, Cortez and Tlaib and other rabble rousers, as a heroine for “her outspokenness and concern for those oppressed by White Supremacists.” Former Florida Congressman and as of late, the Chair of the Texas Republican Party, Allen West, had it right back in 2020, with this statement: “The NAACP and BLM are connected by their being created by white leftists who place black faces in charge for their manipulative purposes. They keep the Black community distracted and deceived. The Black community needs to stop aligning itself with these progressive, socialist, statist, Marxist and communist organizations that need victims. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Saul Alinsky are not the kinda fellas the Black community should follow.” Words for his audience to follow. Rather, recall the incendiary words Joe Biden tossed into a crowd when campaigning against Mitt Romney, that a Republican administration would put blacks “…back in chains.” Talk about Progressives throwing cans of gasoline into an already towering inferno.

We are facing a more deadly disease than the Chinese Virus, not only around the world, but specifically and more importantly, right here within our borders. It is the Socialist/Marxist spreading toxin of hate that no mask, isolation or medication can wipe out. Our own elected officials, whites (for G-d’s sake!) are demeaning their own race and calling for laws giving blacks and other so-called, persecuted, “people of color,” unheard of advantages over all others. No earned by merit, striving, effort, education or expertise required. Just skin color. Purely, a well thought out plan by the Far Left to divide our country by race, gender, finances and politics in order to weaken our nation and convert it into another Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea…..into a third world country. And sadly, leading the way are the outspoken, violent prone groups such as the NAACP and Black Lives Matter, both led by the nose, tied to the growing, manipulative, Socialist/Marxist leadership at our top levels. Blacks should read more of Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Candace Owens, etc., rather than the Marxist reading list found in our major news outlets.

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