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Supporting the “Free Cuba” Movement

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If you’re entering the U.S. illegally from one of our land-locked southern neighbors for the purpose of getting employment, welfare or merely better living accommodations and are a surety to vote a certain way, we’ll take you in. But if you’re fleeing a Communist, totalitarian state or one in upheaval and risk death on the high seas to get here, and you’re going to tell our people of the dangers of such regimes: The message is… “Drop dead!” An outrageous, life threatening decision from the Biden administration to refugees from Haiti and Cuba, who are pleading to come to this country to escape acknowledged persecution from their leaders. Why the double standard?

There is currently a growing grass roots revolution in Cuba against the Communist regime which is seeing a warming relationship with the new Biden administration. And there is a Haitian uprising after the assassination of the president whose killers included Americans pretending to be Drug Enforcement Agents. Is there an American political link that is working to keep the oppressed Haitians and Cubans locked into their virtual water-locked prisons? Think back to 2009, during the early days of the Obama administration, when our president turned his back on the Iranian Green Movement revolutionaries leaving them to face the fury of the Mullahs who eventually received favored treatment with the Obama/Iranian nuclear deal. Is there more to the story than we’re getting from Jen Psaki and an incoherent Biden?

Our Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, strangely enough, was smuggled out of Cuba with his parents in 1960, after the Castro revolution. They were charitably resettled in this nation of freedom where he and his folks were given the opportunity to flourish. His statement after being sworn into his new post in 2021: “When I was very young, the United States provided my family and me a place of refuge.” His tune has dramatically changed. Now he tells Haitians and his brother and sister Cubans who wish to follow in his footsteps: “Allow me to be clear, if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.” The guy really has no heart and apparently no memory.

Of course we must consider the political ramifications of politically oppressed peoples coming to this country. Eventually they will get to cast ballots in elections. Persecuted people who have seen totalitarianism first hand will oppose Marxism and have no fear of speaking out to prevent single party rule. They’ve lived through all that and will fight to retain the democracy for which they risked their lives to experience. They are dangerous to Progressives who now push the buttons for the Far Left. That’s why we must speak out in support of the Haitians and Cubans who wish to have the same opportunities given DHS Head Mayorkas and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. And by the way, Mr. Mayorkas’ parents are both Jewish as is he. We’d expect him to have more compassion for those who seek freedom from oppression. Obviously, we’re off base here.

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