“Walking While Black”: Viral Video of White Army Sgt. Pushing Black Man, Exposed as “Hate Hoax”

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Jared Evan

Footage went viral of Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland confronting the man who was walking in front of his home near Columbia, South Carolina. Millions of “anti-racists” on Twitter shared the video of this allegedly racist, bigoted, monster of a white man, kicking a harmless black man out of “his neighborhood”.

Pentland is seen threatening him with violence, at one point, shoving the young man hard in the shoulder, causing him to almost fall to the ground after telling him to leave the neighborhood. The stage was set for a crucifixion of an innocent man.

Pentland, 42, who was an active U.S. Army Sergeant assigned to Fort Jackson, has been charged with third-degree assault and battery and has been released from jail on a $2,125 personal recognizance bond, he was also suspended from his military job, Newsweek reported.

Turns out, there was more than meets the eye, and another “hate hoax” was perpetrated by taking a video, making it go viral, with no pretext.

Because of the Twitter  leftists, spreading the video, Pentland’s family was terrorized by a violent BLM mob who protested outside their suburban home in Columbia, South Carolina with megaphones, attacked his house with a baseball bat, splattered an unknown substance on his driveway, and garage door and threw a hammer through his second-floor window while “three people were upstairs at the time.”

The violent mob quickly emerged because of irresponsible and sloppy reporting, and Pentland’s arrest seems hardly justified after further details emerged.

The Washington Post actually reported the important details surrounding the viral video.

The filmed confrontation took place shortly after the “victim” allegedly approached “several neighbors in a threatening manner” and neighbors ran to Pentland’s house and begged him to help protect them.

All the evidence suggests Pentland was acting as a good Samaritan.

The story gets better.

WACH FOX 57 reported that the individual only identified in reports and social media as Deandre was harassing people in the area for several days. The Washington Post article also confirmed the Fox57 report below:

According to one incident report, an African-American man approached a woman walking in the area on April 8, put his hand around her waist and then put her hand down the side of her shorts. The woman then pushed away and when she did, her shorts partially came down. As she pulled her shorts back up, the man put his arm around her waist for a second time, according to the incident report. The woman then ran back into her home.
A second incident report showed on April 10 a woman was walking when an African-American man approached her and picked up a baby who was with her. The woman said he tried to walk away with the baby but she grabbed the child back. She said this happened three times before she told the man it was not her baby and she “did not have the right to allow people to hold the child.” She then went home and said she wanted to prosecute, but no charges have been filed, according to the incident report.

The Daily Mail(LINK)  reported Friday night that the alleged victim, who is being identified only as “Deandre,” is mentally ill and has now been committed to a facility. His prior  trespassing and animal cruelty charges were reportedly dropped after it was determined he is “mentally incapable of standing trial.”

In other words, a good samaritan, defending his neighbors from a mentally ill man, who tried to snatch a baby, who had been harassing women, trespassing, and abusing animals, was demonized on social media and by the media, for nothing.

Social media leftists and the compliant media are hungry for any story which can demonize caucasian Americans, without any fact-checking or verification. This is an unhealthy and dangerous pattern creating disharmony and racial tension across the nation.

Deandre was not confronted by Pentland because he is black, he was confronted because he was a threat to the community.