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Young Man Develops ‘Rare life Threatening Syndrome’ after Covid-19 Vaccine

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(israelnationalnews.com)24 hours after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, a 23-year-old man developed a rare multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which causes, among other things, severe damage to heart function.

Prof. Dror Mevorach, director of the coronavirus department at Hadassah, tweeted on the matter, writing, “Rare life-threatening multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS) following BNT162b2 mRNA covid-19 vaccination in a 23 y old social worker was identified at our Department of Medicine B at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel and reported to MOH and WHO.”

Mevorach told Channel 12: “We found out that the young man had contracted the coronavirus asymptomatically before he was vaccinated. It may be accidental but I would not underestimate it. Care must be taken in vaccination of people who were sick with coronavirus in the past.”

It should be noted that in the three weeks since the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign, two elderly people died a few hours after receiving the vaccine, but the Ministry of Health estimated that there was no connection between the deaths and the vaccine.

In the first case, a 75-year-old man, a resident of Beit She’an, died as a result of heart failure two hours after the injection. The next day, an 88-year-old man collapsed in his home hours after the vaccination and was later pronounced dead. The Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital reported that the deceased suffered from prolonged, complex and severe underlying conditions.

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