Orthodox Jewish Man Verbally Assails NY Health Official in COVID-19 Tirade


TJV News

Heshy Tischler, a self appointed anti-mask and social distancing advocate for the Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn is seen here harassing and heckling officials from the New York State Health Department. The officials were holding a press conference to offer guidelines on how to stop the spread of the coronavirus in such neighborhoods as Gravesend, Midwood, Flatbush, Boro Park and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Other neighborhoods that have seen an uptick in positive virus cases have been in the Far Rockaway and Kew Gardens sections of Queens.

Speaking on this video is Dr Mitchell Katz, of the NYC Health Dept. Tischler erroneously asserts that the measures being offered by Katz and the health department to stem the spread of the virus are all lies. Tischler clearly believes that some kind of nefarious conspiracy is taking place and the virus is not deadly.

Meanwhile, many Orthodox communities in Brooklyn were hard hit by Coronavirus deaths when the virus originally surfaced in March and April.

The complete verbal assault is here, it gets personal and racist in the 3rd video







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