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The Syrian Jewish Community Speaks: The Elderly & COVAD-19

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Anyone who is familiar with our community knows that we are not only incredibly tightknit, but that we are genuinely one, big loving family. As such, when we are faced with this kind of unprecedented crisis known as the Coronavirus, we stand together as a cohesive community in the greater family of the entire Jewish nation.

We are also deeply concerned with the plight of the elderly in our community. We want to ensure that all senior centers are equipped with essential medical equipment and we must limit outside visits to residents in these facilities. If we live with elderly family members, we must ensure that they spend the majority of their time in the comfort of our homes and if they live in their own dwellings, they must be encouraged to stay there. If they must leave their homes, it is advised that they wear surgical face masks and limit the distance in which they travel.

They are also encouraged to wash their hands as frequently as possible and remain vigilant about not touching their faces. The leading experts in the field of infectious diseases and prominent epidemiologists have unequivocally stated that the most vulnerable portion of our population in terms of contracting the Coronavirus are the elderly and as such they must be constantly monitored. Protecting our elderly and respecting them has always been the shining hallmark of our community as it has been acknowledged throughout the world.

While we hope that our seniors will evade contracting this deadly virus and will bypass any deleterious effects of COVAD-19. Having said that, we must ensure that seniors living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes receive more than adequate care at this critical juncture in time. No outside visitors should come into close contact with them. Those with significantly compromised immune systems are at the most risk from this virus.

If a senior has high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory illness, cardiac issues, or anything related to these conditions, extra care should be taken to keep this person in isolation as much as possible.

If seniors are relatively healthy, physically and mentally active, and live independently, they should not leave their dwellings unless absolutely necessary. If they should need to depart their homes they should be wearing a surgical face mask and should use hand sanitizer as much as possible.

As a general rule for all seniors, they should be receiving a very healthful diet, chock filled with essential vitamins and nutrients and they should be constantly hydrated. They should be taking their prescribed medications in the proper time and should be consulting with their physician about any change in their condition.

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