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Queens Scores Big: NYCFC Soccer Stadium & Affordable Housing Project Approved

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Queens Scores Big: NYCFC Soccer Stadium & Affordable Housing Project Approved

By: Jane Zakharova


A significant redevelopment project in Queens is poised to transform the landscape, combining sports and housing in the vibrant borough. The New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is at the heart of this exciting endeavor.

The Project Overview

Soccer Stadium: The centerpiece of the project is a 7-story soccer stadium purpose-built for NYCFC. This state-of-the-art venue will accommodate up to 25,000 fans and serve as the team’s permanent home. It’s a historic milestone for the Big Apple, marking the city’s first-ever soccer-specific stadium.

Affordable Housing: Alongside the stadium, the Willets Point redevelopment plan includes the construction of 2,500 housing units. Among these, 1,400 units will be subsidized or below market rate. This represents the largest addition of housing in 40 years for the borough.

Celebrating the Breakthrough

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Mayor Eric Adams, and local Councilman Francisco Moya are coming together to celebrate this momentous achievement. Richards, a staunch supporter of the project, exclaimed, “We’ve scored a goal!” He emphasized that Queens, known for its diversity, is now poised to embrace the world’s sport.

NYCFC’s Journey

NYCFC has been playing its home games at nearby Citi Field and Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. With the new soccer-specific stadium, the team will finally have a dedicated home ground. The anticipation is high, and fans eagerly await the opening in 2027.

Economic Impact

The project isn’t just about sports and housing; it’s an economic catalyst. The stadium and housing development are expected to create 1,550 permanent jobs and generate 14,200 construction jobs. NYCFC’s Vice Chairman, Marty Edelman, expressed the club’s commitment to investing in New York City and building a vibrant community.

A Vision for Queens

As the Willets Point redevelopment takes shape, Queens stands at the forefront of progress. The borough’s transformation reflects a commitment to equity, dynamism, and community-building. With the NYCFC stadium as its centerpiece, Queens is ready to collect its trophy!

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