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Jewish diaspora of Red Bank NJ- URGENT ALERT – Defend Israel at Council Meeting from Anti- Israel Exteremists

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It has come to my attention that a local group is requesting to have an issue put on the agenda at tonight’s Red Bank council meeting. The topic of discussion proposed to be added on the agenda is to pass a ceasefire resolution in Gaza.  It is important to acknowledge that the Board, Council and Mayor of Red Bank, or any other municipality for that matter, have  NO  influence on foreign policy or federal tax dollars. Their decisions have ZERO impact on the position that the administration and/or the United States government will take in their discussions with heads of state. This resolution has no bearing on the managing, operation,  or governance of the town of Red Bank. This request must be denied in order to provide and maintain a safe and welcoming place for all community members.

Additionally, a rally is scheduled to take place at The Grove in Shrewsbury this Saturday, the 24th.   The Grove  is a shopping center that many of the Jewish residents of this and neighboring towns frequent. I personally remember when it opened in 1989. It is completely unacceptable to permit this rally to take place where Jewish residents meet to shop and dine. That it is scheduled on the Sabbath is quite telling.

It is crucial to remember that there was a ceasefire on October 6 and prior to that date. The un provoked attack that occurred on October 7 is the largest hostage taking incident and 3rd most deadly terrorist attack in world history. It is equivalent to an attack killing 41 thousand Americans, slightly less than the number of soldiers killed in action in the entire Vietnam War. If this happened to America what would have been the magnitude of our response I wonder. Anyone would expect a swift and harsh response from Israel. Hamas hides in, among, and under civilians, women, and children. They are cowards who care nothing for the civilian Palestinian population. They have repeatedly rejected a two state solution. Blame needs to lay squarely at the feet of the people who have ruled Gaza for the last 17 years, use Gaza’s people as shields, and care nothing for them.

Having shared with you a rather brief synopsis from my perspective, all this must be considered when addressing geo political issues at the proper venue. Town council meetings are not that venue. The top priority at our local level is most definitely not Gaza or the Red Sea, or Sudan etc….

I kindly request that you  consider the potential impact on our diverse community and carefully evaluate whether allowing this resolution to be heard  aligns with our commitment to fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment for  all.

I appreciate your dedication to representing the interests of everyone in your district and trust that you will make a thoughtful and informed decision.


Emilie Hedaya
7 Old Farm Road
Oakhurst, NJ

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