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Letters to the Editor

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Crimes Against Humanity

Dear Editor:

In recent years, we in Israel have become accustomed, every few months, to the firing of thousands of rockets at our cities. The rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip under the leadership of Hamas.

Thanks to the defense systems we developed, primarily “Iron Dome”, the number of casualties decreased to 1-2 in each such incident.

What happened two days ago was completely different:

– Under the cover of a “regular” rocket attack, several hundred Hamas members crossed the border and entered the towns, kibbutzim and villages near the border in armed vehicles. They moved from house to house, setting fire to some of them and shooting from point blank range at entire families who were spending the last day of the holiday at home.

– As of this moment, there are more than 700 dead and 2400 injured, of which some 150 are mortally wounded. The final death toll may be greater than 800.

– In addition, over 150 people were kidnapped (including babies, children, women and disabled people, some of them in wheelchairs) and taken to Gaza as hostages.

– By any standard imaginable, these acts of the Hamas would be considered a war crime.

Professor Isaac Ben Israel,  Ret. MG


Artillery Shelling of Gaza

Dear Editor:

Gaza. The only way to do this is to obliterate the territory totally by air bombing and artillery. Troops must not be sent in to engage in house-to-house slaughter. Israeli tanks, mortars and artillery should be placed on the perimeter and together with the air force, demolish every building in the territory. If the 2 million Gazans are victims, so be it. When the Allies in WWII bombed German and Japanese cities to dust, there were no complaints. So should it be now. Those who started it can’t complain.

Samuel Halperin
Albany, NY


Terror Rally in Times Square

Dear Editor:

The recent pro-Palestinian terror rally held in Times Square by such Jew hating Democrat Congress people as AOC, Ayanna Pressley should have been confronted by thousands of militant Jewish New Yorkers who stand with Israel and freedom. It’s an embarrassment that this band of politicos should have been permitted to back outright terror without being physically chased into their holes. Just what would blacks do if the KKK used NYC as a meeting place to celebrate and encourage the slaughter of their people? You don’t have to think twice. Bodies would be strewn in the streets. And rightfully so.

I remember Jewish activist leaders back in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s who would have torn into the Democrat Jew-hating pack of vermin. They would have taught a lesson to those who are part and parcel of another Holocaust,  that Jews are willing to stand up for themselves and other Jews. But, sadly, they don’t. We deserve what we get due to our cowardice.

Bernard Leventhal


Wants “Peace” with Hamas at Any Cost

Dear Editor:

You may not print this letter because it does not fit in with your pro-Israel philosophy. But here it is anyway. I feel the cause of the Palestinian antipathy towards Israel has been the horrific treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis that has caused this latest revolt on the part of Gazans. Just look at how many American lawmakers, many of them Jews themselves, who marched this weekend in NYC in support of the Gaza incident. And think of how many Jews voted for Obama although he was an outright, proud supporter of Iran and the Palestinian cause.

American Jews must realize they have obligations to others to let them breathe the air of freedom. For  peace in the region, follow the Democrats’ call for a “Two state Solution,” with both nations working hand in hand for mutual security.

I am a proud member of J Street, Peace Now and Jewish Voice for Peace. All of these groups are Pro-Peace! We do not take sides. Please change your attitude and see the other side of the coin. If any of your readers take offense at my stand, let them write me letters to your column to which I would gladly respond in a thoughtful manner.

Adam Levinson
Dix Hills, New York


Taking on the Hypocrisy of Cory Booker

Dear Editor:

As soon as the rockets started in Israel, my Senator and dear friend Cory Booker ran for his life. Maybe it’s because he voted to give Iran $150 billion. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey voted to give Iran $150 billion. Then he ran away today from Israel.

Cory Booker, please stop bragging about how you endured rockets in Israel. You were my closest friend for 25 years. You were my student president at Oxford and my brother. Then you voted to give the Iranian terrorist monsters, who are largely responsible through Hamas for this attack that murdered 900 Israelis, $150 billion to murder innocents, in order to preserve your political standing. Also, right after you made this video, your staff spirited you right out of Israel. And I wonder if you got special treatment to get on a plane to get out of the war zone.

The only hope for our friendship and your relationship with Jewish Community is for you to finally come to the well of the Senate floor this week and condemn your own vote to give billions to Iran and by extension Hamas and to apologize profusely, and beg forgiveness of the innocent Iranian people being brutalized by their government and the world Jewish community. Otherwise, we are not interested in these posts. Words are cheap, Cory. Remember all the Torah we studied together? It’s action that counts.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

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