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A Call to Support Israel and Address the Iran Threat

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The recent onslaught of Iranian-backed terrorists into Israel, characterized by unspeakable brutality, is a grim reminder that evil knows no boundaries. The world must confront this malevolence head-on, for it poses a threat not only to Israel but to all democratic nations. Beyond mere words, concrete actions are imperative to support Israel, and there are four practical steps that the United States, along with its allies and partners worldwide, must take.

First, we must unequivocally distinguish between the aggressor and the victim. There can be no moral equivalence or calls for “both sides” to de-escalate in the face of such heinous acts. Israel deserves the time and space to defend itself against these ruthless terrorists who target the most vulnerable in society.

The deployment of the USS Gerald Ford carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and the announcement of munitions transfers to Israel are commendable initial steps. Photo Credit: US Navy

Second, we must expedite the provision of specific capabilities and intelligence support that Israel urgently needs to target and eliminate these savages. History has shown that failure to act decisively can prolong conflicts and escalate costs. The recent example of Ukraine highlights the importance of swift assistance. The deployment of the USS Ford carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and the announcement of munitions transfers to Israel are commendable initial steps.

Third, the time has come for America to prioritize its national defense. While war is undoubtedly expensive, the consequences of failure are far more costly. The Biden administration’s successive budgets have cut defense spending in real terms while increasing nondefense spending. Congress has an opportunity this fall to provide emergency appropriations to the Defense Department, not only to aid Israel but also to support partners like Ukraine and Taiwan. This should include substantial replenishment funding to expand and modernize our weapons inventories and invest in essential defense technologies produced within America.

Lastly, we must focus our attention on Iran, which has played a considerable role in orchestrating this conflict. As the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism, Iran has a long history of providing training and lethal aid to terrorist organizations. The deepening partnership between Tehran and Moscow raises further concerns. To address this comprehensively, we should reimpose extensive multilateral sanctions on Tehran and deny Iranian planes overflight rights. We must impound the shipping vessels used by Iran to circumvent sanctions, close Iranian banks with access to the West, and cease the operations of European businesses in Iran. Iranian officials complicit in supporting terrorism must be treated as pariahs, and any Iranian naval boats threatening international shipping should face a robust response.

Let us always remember the words of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself. He has repeatedly said,  “God willing, the cancer of the usurper Zionist regime will be eradicated at the hands of the Palestinian people and the Resistance forces throughout the region.” Hamas’s spokesman has also publicly expressed thanks for Iran’s lethal support.

The civilized world must impose tangible costs on terrorists and those who support or condone them. There must be no sanctuary for Iran’s agents of death. In the face of these challenges, we cannot rely solely on symbolic gestures of support. The people of Israel are enduring a harrowing ordeal as they strive to protect their homeland, rescue their countrymen, and mourn the innocent lives lost to terrorism. They deserve not only our words but also our unwavering deeds.

In conclusion, we must stand united against terrorism and support Israel as it confronts this dire situation. The actions we take today will shape a safer and more secure world for all, preserving the values of democracy, freedom, and human rights that we hold dear.

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