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Mayor Adams Grapples with Sanctuary City Ramifications in Migrant Crisis

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By:  Mario Mancini

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams continues to see more clearly than his leftist comrades in regards to the migrant issue when he warned Sunday that Democrats could take a pounding at the polls if they don’t do more to curb the migrant crisis.

Mayor Adams told MSNBC that he tried to raise the alarm about rampant crime plaguing the state last year, only to see it fall on deaf ears in the party, which ended up losing ground to the GOP in Albany during the mid-term elections.

“Let’s be clear: When I talked about public safety and the over-proliferation of guns in our country last year, many people were not listening to the concern of voters, and I’m saying that again,” the mayor told host Jonathan Capehart.

“I would do everything possible to get the president re-elected. I’ve made that clear,” Adams said. “My concern is not politics. It’s people. The people who come into this country should receive the proper care that they deserve and the people who are in this country should not be overburdened with the cost.

“This is not politics for me,” he said. “This is for people.”

State Democrats last year lost ground to Albany Republicans as concerns swirled about spiking crime, although the Dems were still able to cling to a supermajority in the Senate and Assembly.

Adams said Democrats in Albany and Washington, DC, urgently need to step up on migrants — and continued calling on President Biden help New York City and other cities grappling with the crisis.

“No city should have to burden a national problem on its own,” Adams said. “And clearly, when you speak to other mayors and my colleagues across the country that are dealing with this, clearly it’s time for us to sit down and speak with the president so that we can show first-hand how the impact of this crisis is undermining how we carry out our functions in our cities.”

Adams said New York City has received more than 70,000 migrants seeking asylum and has estimated that the eventual cost to the city will be in excess of $4.3 billion by next spring.

New York City’s new migrant “welcome center” at the former four-star Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan was already slammed Monday with fresh arrivals.

Dozens of migrants were hauled in on buses, including about 20 in a yellow school bus, to be processed. Some were forced to wait on their bus for about a half-hour, apparently till the lines inside died down — while the lucky ones arriving around lunchtime got to eat in the landmark’s crystal-chandelier ballroom, where Guy Lombardo and his band used to famously perform “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve, NY Post notes.

“I want to stay here, but they are making us wait on the bus, and then they are taking us somewhere else,” said a 23-year-old single man from Venezuela who only gave his first name, Ulysses, the Post reported.

This entire situation would have never been an issue, if far left, lunatic former Mayor de Blasio did not announce to the entire world NYC is a sanctuary city.  De Blasio left the current mayor with numerous issues, from homeless and the mentally ill, to gang violence, to struggling commercial real estate, to deep financial problems, unfortunately for Adams, he is getting most of the blame, for the previous mayor’s deranged, Marxist policies, designed to destroy humanity.

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