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An Open Letter to the UJA

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An Open Letter to the UJA

We hope this letter finds you well. As is common knowledge in Jewish circles, one of the most important events of the Jewish year is that of the Israel Day Parade. This parade, comprised of Jewish youth from throughout the tri-state area and beyond, who come together to form the most powerful expression of unflagging devotion to the Jewish state and the values of the Zionist enterprise, represents the backbone of our community.

Its significance can never be underestimated and we must continue to hail its importance for the sake of future generations.

Having said this, the reason that I raise this issue is because I am deeply saddened and quite disappointed to learn that the UJA, (the organizers) of the parade have done practically nothing in terms of publicizing this event.

With a $1 billion endowment and a $250 million annual budget, I find it more than surprising that the UJA is not placing a strong emphasis on advertising this parade in order to get the largest turn out ever in terms of participants and onlookers.

In the menacing times in which we live, with global anti-Semitism skyrocketing at a frenetic rate along with a concerted campaign being conducted to viciously denigrate Israel in the most vile of ways through the insidious propaganda of the BDS movement and their supporters, it is of paramount importance, now, more than ever, to publicize this parade in order to show the world that the people of Israel do indeed live and will continue to cherish the Zionist dream.

What is most puzzling is the UJA’s adamant refusal to include the Jewish Voice, (which just so happens to be the most Zionist newspaper in the country), in its group of advertisers and supporters of the parade. Because the online influence of the Jewish Voice has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, we are in a unique position of successfully reaching millions of viewers and thusly, we can most effectively disseminate information about the parade.

Moreover, the UJA and other parade organizers have also abysmally failed in connecting with the tri-state area’s Orthodox Jewish community that has seen rampant growth in terms of numbers over the decades. This particular segment of the Jewish population in New York and beyond could have been tapped for their participation in the parade as well as its support but were somehow left out of the loop.

At this juncture, I would ask that your reconsider your ill advised position and give some serious consideration to allowing the Jewish Voice to take an active role in helping to publicize and promote this upcoming parade.


David Ben Hooren – Publisher

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