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‘You People’: Hasidic man booted from Delta flight – too much overhead luggage?

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By World Israel News.com

A hasidic Jewish man was reportedly forced to disembark from a Delta flight on Monday after being accused of bringing too much overhead luggage.

According to a VINnews report, a Delta supervisor later admitted that the passenger was a victim of discrimination.

The passenger – visibly an Orthodox Jew, as seen by his clothing – told VINnews that after he was seated, a stewardess and a member of the flight crew approached him, saying, “You people always have tons of luggage. Why can’t you put the hat box under your feet?”

According to the passenger, he politely replied that he could and would do so if necessary, however, at that point there was no need, as the overhead bins were still empty. The stewardess then returned to the rear of the plane.

Less than two minutes later, he said, she returned, removed his carry-on suitcase from the top bin and started walking it out of the plane. Told that the suitcase was his personal property and that he had not given permission for her to take it, she replied, “If you don’t let me, I will show you.”

She returned the luggage, and he put it back on the overhead bin and sat down, he said.

About 15 minutes later, he continued, after everyone was settled in and there was still plenty of room in the overhead bins, security guards escorted him off the plane and began investigating the incident as well as questioning other passengers.

According to the report, security then informed the alleged victim that although he had done nothing wrong, the stewardess threatened to leave the flight if they allowed him back on, and they had no replacement. They reportedly removed him against his will and offered him a $500 gift card and a hotel.

VINnews reached out to Delta airlines and received the following response from a spokesperson: “Delta is aware of and in the preliminary stages of investigating a situation regarding a customer being asked to exit flight 1541 and be rebooked on an alternate flight. We are committed to using the results this (sic) investigation to come to a full understanding of the events that took place and respond as appropriate.”

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