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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Anti-Semitism in America

Dear Editor:

A recent report by Americans Against Anti-Semitism confirms what I have been campaigning about for months.

Their statistics show that;

64% of Assaults on NY Jews Were Carried out by Blacks.

17% of Assaults on NY Jews Were Carried out by Muslims.

10% of Assaults on NY Jews were Carried out by Hispanics.

Only 3% were carried out by Whites.

And yet, in a growing display of woke delusion, major American Jewish organizations have been bending over backward protecting the very sectors of American society that contain the vast majority of anti-Jewish hate criminals.

This has to stop.

Jewish leaders like Jonathan Greenblatt and his ADL and JStreet have to get off their “woke horse” and do what is necessary to protect both American Jews and Israel, because both are victims of the people they protect with their superficial “progressive” mindset.

These statistics show that the originators of “critical race theory” represent the groups that commit the vast majority of violent anti-Jewish crimes.

In other words, they represent the racists they purport to be victims.

It is not white Jews who have to apologize to CRT indoctrinators, or to black folk. Jews have historically been the biggest non-black supporters of the black freedom movement, and yet these statistics prove that New York Jews are the victims of black and Muslim hatred, not the other way round.

And I am certain that these statistics reflect what is going on in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other American cities where violence is rampant against American Jews.

Overwhelmingly, Jews are victims of hate crimes In America, far more than any other segment of American society and that hatred brings with it open antagonism against Israel, the collective Jew.

Barry Shaw
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies


Football Season Coming to an End

Dear Editor,

The football season comes to an end soon and then baseball takes over the sports pages to hypnotize Americans to the frailty of our democracy. There has to be more interest in sports in this country than there is in the politics of running it and keeping us safe. In the subways I see more people reading the sports pages than I do the editorials. We’re a nation quickly slipping away from keeping informed and aware of our needs.

Estelle Schwartz
Queens, NY


Holding Hochul Responsible for Crime Wave

Dear Editor:

The rise in people hating criminal incidents is shocking. But it shouldn’t be. there are so many lunatics, addicted and just plain sick people running around free to do as they want to without fear of being incarcerated and kept out of the public’s way. I cringe when I see Gov. Hochul smiling at me from the TV screen, all the while knowing that she is on the side of the criminal element. Why doesn’t she speak out against DA Alvin Bragg? Why doesn’t she summon him to Albany to read the riot act to him? To threaten to toss him out of his position as she is legally free to do? Every crime committed by a criminal released with no bail is a loose cannon holing our lives in his/her hand. I hold Hochul responsible for the crime wave in the state and can’t wait for her to take a walk. But that’s a long way off.

Bernice Goldfein


Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior

Dear Editor:

“Netflix has come under fire for an image of its new documentary on Bernie Madoff that portrays the late Wall Street fraudster with horns and pointed ears, an anti-Semitic trope with origins that date at least to the Middle Ages.”  If Blacks or Muslims were depicted with big lips or images of Mohammad crossed out, the media would be up in arms. When it’s us, we hear the usual silence.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2022 Top Ten Anti-Semitism List, (SWC): “there were more incidents of anti-Semitism at Harvard University…than at any other U.S. university in 2022…attempts were also made to disrupt pro-Israel speakers…the school paper endorsed the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel BDS movement, and Harvard’s Palestine Solidarity Committee erected a wall with Holocaust imagery replete with anti-Semitic statements.”

SWC: “Abbas accused Israel of having committed “50 Holocausts,” speaking while standing alongside German Chancellor Scholz during a press conference in Berlin. Wiesenthal took Scholz to task because he “only condemned the remarks the next day.”   Germany’s soil is soaked with the blood of 6 million Jews butchered by Germany’s Nazi Hitler Jew hate, yet Chancellor Scholz stood by silently while he allowed this so-called ‘Palestinian’ Authority leader, Abbas, to re-victimize Holocaust victims and Israel.  It is never “just” the Hitlers. It is those who do not speak out, who allow the Big Lies to be repeated until they become accepted.

Not that long ago, Jewish children were thrown alive into the crematoriums as the Allies descended upon the Nazis.  2023 began with Jews shown as Satan with horns. 2022 marked the highest incidences of Jew hate worldwide. What more will it take for us to demand every being on earth, every place of business, every school adopt the IHRA, International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism as their guide. What more will it take for Jewish groups to put aside their differences, unite and form our own Public Relations Agency to get the facts out about Israel and our history before being depicted with horns becomes the new norm.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ

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