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UPDATE : Alleged Brooklyn Synagogue Abduction Was False Alarm  

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A frum man who was arrested in Flatbush on Wednesday following reports of him attempting to kidnap a young child from a shul, was released with nearly all charges dropped after the truth was recealed,YWN reported

Sources  to the Jewish website Yeshiva World explained that the incident was totally innocent.

The man says he had been learning in the shul’s bais medrash (on East 7th Street between Kings Highway and Avenue R) for over an hour and when he was done, he attempted to leave, but found the lobby filled with women, according tothe  YWN report.

As per halacha, he didn’t want to walk directly through a crowd of women and so he asked a young boy to hold his hand so he could get through without being meikel.

Orignal report:

(TJV NEWS)As crimes targeting Jews continue unabated throughout New York City, it was reported on Wednesday that a Jewish child was nearly abducted in an incident that occurred in Flatbush.

According to a report on the 1010 WINS radio web site,  man wearing traditional Jewish garb entered the Hesed Le Avraham Synagogue at 1848 E. 7th Street near Kings Highway in Gravesend at 9:38 a.m. and grabbed the boy by the shoulders, allegedly in an attempt to kidnap him. The 9-year-old boy was attending a bris at the synagogue where the suspect was praying.

The suspect then picked the child up and attempted to walk out with him.

According to police, his mother intervened and was able to grab her son back, 1010 WINS reported. She asked her son if he knew the man and the child said, “no.”

It was then that she contacted 911 as well as the Flatbush Shomrim, prompting an immediate search. The shomrim are a volunteer auxiliary organization that assists the NYPD when crimes occur in predominantly Jewish areas of the city.

The suspect then fled the synagogue on foot and was later identified as 42-year-old Yossi Mayer. He was found by Flatbush Shomrim allegedly hiding in a nearby yeshiva.

The suspect reportedly has no affiliation at all with the Yeshiva, and was simply using it to hide, the Yeshiva World News web site reported.

Rumors that the incident is related to a custody battle between parents are also unfounded, as the suspect has no relation or previous affiliation to the victim or the victim’s family, the report indicated.

Once confronted by the NYPD, the suspect confessed to his actions and was taken into custody without incident.  An investigation is ongoing.

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