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Letters to the Editor

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Angered by the Use of US Tax Dollars

Dear Editor,

I’m furious with President Biden for giving the Palestinians hundreds of millions of our tax bucks. He knows darn well they will not be building roads, schools, factories or hospitals with that money but will use the money to kill Israelis. Why are American Jews so tied to the Democrat party? Don’t they know they are led by Jew haters such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and even Bernie Sanders? We Jews have to learn from the blacks and Hispanics to vote for our own interests. Right now there is a Jewish guy running for New York State governor. Will Jews vote for this guy? Not on your life. He’s a Republican and he’s for criminals to be put behind bars. But that’s against the Democrat party’s principles, so they’ll put in the candidate who supports crime. Stupid!

Rita Sorkin
Elmhurst, Queens


Biden is in Rapid Decline 

Dear Editor:

The finest comedians from the silent picture era could never compete with the actions of President Biden in his actions in front of the camera. His attempts to shake hands with invisible people, his getting lost trying to find the stairs from his speaking platforms and his babbling nonsense to vast audiences, are impossible to view without breaking into spasms of laughter. Sad laughter, because he is not a comedian but the leader of our nation. To be sure, the leaders of Iran, North Korea, China and Russia are beamng with joy as they view our leader simply as “a joke.” They take him (and they will) very seriously. And we should too.

Deborah Feldstein

What’s Wrong with the Israelis?

Dear Editor,

What’s wrong with the Israelis? Why can’t they see the Palestinians are only waiting to destroy them. The Israeli voter is as stupid as the American Jewish one. They both think they can kiss the butts of their enemies and make friends of them. Stupid to think this could happen. I remember the Oslo Accords and how Jews were so happy that Arafat would sit own with Jews to sign a peace deal. Look where that went. And now Biden is begging Iran to sign another nuclear deal that will surely destroy Israel an its neighboring Arab allies. Where does stupidity end?

Boris Torkin
Rockaway, NY


Adams Needs to Get Clued in to Subway Crime

Dear Editor:

A recent letter writer wrote commending Mayor Eric Adams for his efforts to control crime in the city. She lauded him for taking the subway (not mentioning for only one stop) to see the situation for himself. Hizzonor should put on a face mask, don ordinary clothing, not his usual $4,000 suits, and ride the trains on a daily basis, without his squadron of protectors, to see what we go through. Let him demand that Gov. Hochul fire his Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg and call for a person who is for the common citizen to replace him.

Altogether, I’m retiring soon and will be living under the bright sunshine of Florida where the governor is for the people. Too bad. NYC was once a beautiful place to live in. Gone now forever.

Harry Davis


Collective Jewish Failure

Dear Editor:

This collective American Jewish leadership failure will go down in history as the reason, as the precursor of American Jews and especially Zionist Jews, as active participants in university and civilized life, no longer existing. American Jewish leadership, Jewish newspapers have failed to educate Jews themselves and the average American on basic truths vs. the Big Lies now accepted on campuses, in our schools, as part of the new norm. Could there be a clearer indictment of Jewish leadership’s collective failure than Jews unable to leave their homes as openly Jewish?  What more will it take for our leadership to put aside their differences, form our very own Public Relations Agency to combat the smears, and show Israel’s truth, diversity, democracy and beauty.

“From “Jew-free” zones on campuses to the “born again” Kanye West, Jew-hatred is being normalized in almost every area of American political thought: “That Jew-hatred is no longer taboo for growing sectors of Western society is a catastrophe. Jewish leaders entrusted with the community’s safety bear much of the responsibility as they have jettisoned their duty to protect Jews in favor of partisan Democrat politics. Aligning with the Democratic party line, Jewish leaders blamed the recent rise of Jew-hatred almost exclusively on “the right,” and have ignored Jew-hatred from their own “allies” in the Muslim, black, and leftist camps whom they believe they cannot afford to offend.This failure of Jewish leadership has helped put American Jews in more danger than at any time in American history. This is why we need new Jewish leaders. Go to jewishleadershipproject.org to learn how you can help do what our leaders refuse to do.” ”https://mailchi.mp/jewishleadershipproject/jew-hatred-in-america-is-now-a-five-alarm-fire-2022-10-13?e=45f1cd8566

I urge all American Jews to divorce themselves from the Democratic Party, register as Independents to send a loud message we will not be taken for granted, we demand our Jewish Civil Rights, we will only vote for those who loudly support the truth about Israel and who reject the growing Jew hate in any and all places, any and all forms.

Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ


The Political Myopia of Americans

Dear Editor:

What’s wrong with America? Why can’t our people see reality? Why do they continue to support the likes of AOC, Eric Adams, Gov. Hochul, Bernie Sanders and on and on? Have they no brains? Don’t they see the disaster they’ve created since Biden took office? Look at this Fetterman guy in Pennsylvania. Sadly, he’s brain damaged and cannot even be interviewed without help from some sort of electronic machine that tells him what to say. And he’ll represent his state in the Senate to make decisions that decide the fate of the country? And in NYC we send to the House, AOC who has to be he dumbest next to Kamala. And that’s a toss-up. From Biden down, the Democrats seem to weed out the brightest and send to D.C. the lowest level of people, intellectually, that I’ve ever seen. Kick them all out with your vote in all future elections for your own sake. If not, we’re all gone.

Al Silverstein
Coney Island, NY

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