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Letters to the Editor

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The Radical Left & The Upcoming Elections

Dear Editor:

I’m very worried about the upcoming elections and the violence sure to be had from the radical Left. Surely, they’re preparing the Antifa and BLM thugs to take to the streets to deliver the carnage and destruction as they did before the 2020 elections. They are now battle hardened and trained to do it all again, and bigger and better.

What preparations have our mayors made for this scenario? Will we again see the store windows on Fifth Avenue and 34th Street nailed shut with plywood? Will the new threat of rampaging mobs loot stores as they’re doing now on a daily basis? Recall, during the Democrat Presidential primaries, where not one of the candidates spoke up against the vast street violence featured even on MSNBC and CNN? They and the winner of that contest, the President Joe Biden ignored the situation as if it were not happening.

Just…what if they take to the streets again? What will ordinary, law abiding citizens do to protect themselves and their livelihoods? I suggest they arm themselves as well as possible with whatever weaponry they can get hold of. If you’re in a “gun-free state,” contact a friend or relative in a “carry state” and somehow get something to keep you safe. Better to have a weapon and not have to use it than being helpless when you need one.

Ernie Auslander
Chicago, Ill.


Biden’s Speech in Philadelphia

Dear Editor:

Was Biden on drugs when he delivered his speech from what looked like the Devil’s Den, last week? What Hollywood designer was paid fortunes in taxpayer dollars to erect such a scene. I expected Bella Legosi to come flying out of the blackened backdrop to search for victims from his coffin hidden in the props. Biden’s behavior on stage was animated and choreographed to give us the impression he was knowledgeable about his words. No way. He was moved by invisible strings attached to him. And where was Dr. Jill all the time he was ranting and raving? Was she munching on little babies? A crazy night, not a good one for the country.

Robert Watson
White Plains, NY


Hadassah Hospital Treating Palestinians

Dear Editor:

A woman wrote in a recent JV letter how she appreciates Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem treating Palestinians even though they are our enemies. Preposterous, stupid and just plain disingenuous. Abbas just repudiated requests for him to apologize for the 1972 massacre of the Israeli Olympic athletes by his Palestinian terrorists under his command. He claimed Israel was “responsible for 50 Holocausts against the Palestinians.” He will continue to expand his terrorist activities until Israel is destroyed. The money saved by the Palestinians in not supplying their people with hospital and medical care because of Jews treating them, goes into terrorist funding used to kill those same Jews. Madness!

Hadassah Hospital should be reserved only for Israeli citizens but Palestinians and other Muslims from around the world should be refused treatment. Just how many non-Jewish donors are there? Any from Palestine?

Sandy Slotnick
Seaford, NY


Illegal Immigrants in NYC

Dear Editor:

Jennie Pollowitz’s letter in a recent edition, regarding illegals dumped off from buses by Texas’ governor, said it all. Although she waffles on admitting them, she really sympathizes with their needs…..but to go elsewhere. However, NYC needs all the undocumented aliens sent to them from Texas do do the dirty jobs NY’rs won’t do. For sure, Mayor Adams is a firm supporter of President Biden and Joe says illegals are good for us, therefore, the more the merrier in the Big Apple. Jennie should reach out to help them, perhaps house and feed a couple of the virile looking young men who seem to be in need of companionship. It would be marvelous if Adams could, perhaps raise the taxes on the citizens in order to have the bucks to care for the thousands heading his way.

I’m sure the schools are well prepared to teach the kids our ways of life, including sex, gender and race values so important to kindergartners. The young women, already pregnant, without male partners could be treated in our hospitals sharing with NYC citizens who support such venues with their earned taxes. And as for housing these illegals, how about tents in Central Park, along Park Avenue and on the front patio of Lincoln Center? To be gracious to these immigrants is necessary if we are to be labeled a caring nation. Let’s do it NYC!!!! Go for it!!!!

Andrew Gottlieb, Phd
Ft. Lee,
New Jersey


The “Spoiled Generation” Must Be Educated

Dear Editor:

Just a short commentary on your editorials and letters sections. They appear to be written by concerned readers and citizens. I like the way you print the voices of all political factions, whether or not they are sympathetic to your opinions. This is rare in today’s dangerously fractured society.

I am a political science professor in a local university (that’s why I ask my name not be used) and I encounter kids who have no idea of what’s going on in the world. They are of the “spoiled generation.” Whether or not they come from wealth or poverty, they are all ignorant of local and world affairs and cannot discuss any issue with clarity or facts. I distribute to them your editorials and letters for discussion and research purposes. The process is not easy. Many of them ask questions about situations mentioned in these pieces as if you were talking about quantum physics. What did they learn, if anything, in high school? Basically nothing.

I plead with parents to sit down and discuss issues with your kids as soon as they’re able to communicate with you. Start them off by seeing to it that their reading contains history and religion. Let them know what the world around them is like. Let them learn to evaluate fact from fiction. Teach them to question their teachers when they are confused. Let them speak up, even to you, when they have a position to take. Teach them to rely on their hunches regarding those who intend to indoctrinate them. Teach them what “radicalism” is. Teach them when they’re young so that when they come to my class, it will be easier for me to discuss issues with them.

Name Withheld
Columbia University

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