Viral Video Of Anne Heche Popping up From Gurney at Accident Scene Shocks The Internet - The Jewish Voice
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Viral Video Of Anne Heche Popping up From Gurney at Accident Scene Shocks The Internet

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 (TJV/AP) Anne Heche, the Emmy-winning film and television actor whose dramatic Hollywood rise in the 1990s and accomplished career contrasted with personal chapters of turmoil, died of injuries from a fiery car crash. She was 53.

Heche was “peacefully taken off life support,” spokeswoman Holly Baird said in a statement a qweek after the accident.

Heche had been on life support at a Los Angeles burn center after suffering a “severe anoxic brain injury,” caused by a lack of oxygen, when her car crashed into a home Aug. 5, according to a statement released Thursday by a representative on behalf of her family and friends.

 During her stay in the hospital, it was determined that she had cocaine and fentanyl in her system.

As thousands of people have continued to mourn Anne’s death, footage from the aftermath of her crash has begun to circulate on the internet.

The shocking clip was captured by FOX 11’s Sky Fox camera. In it, L.A. Fire Department officials were seen rolling Heche out on a gurney,  a whie sheet or bandages covering her completely. As the camera focused on the firefighters, Heche rips open the bandages  the bag and popped out of it before moving her body towards the workers.

Another newscast caught this shocking moment at a closer angle.  Both videos below are shocking

What happened in the video was so unexpected that it greatly startled the news reporters who were viewing it for the first time. “Oh my God, he’s completely alive,” one said. “What the hell,” another added. The reason that the anchor said “he,” was more than likely due to Anne’s short haircut. Evidetly she was not being transpotrd in a body bag, but rather special bandages for serious burns. The shocking nature of the video, resulted in thousads of people developing “theories” was to what they were viewing.

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