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Netanyahu: Anti-Israel Americans have allied themselves with ‘medievalists’

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(A7) Israeli Opposition Leader and former Premier MK Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s ongoing military operation against Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

Netanyahu condemned Islamic Jihad, while emphasizing that the terrorist group is merely a proxy of Tehran.

“Islamic Jihad… is guided by Iran, they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tehran.”

“It is one of those civilizational battles…where the stronger will and the stronger commitment to freedom and to our values ultimately win. And Israel has been winning.”

“It is a test of will and our will and stronger and we are going to beat these terrorists.”

Netanyahu noted the refusal thus far of Hamas, the dominant terrorist force in Gaza, to join in the attacks on Israel.

“Hamas, the dominant group in Gaza, was hit very hard in a previous operation that we did. We rolled them back. We set them back ten years.”

“They had a real drubbing, and they have second thoughts about entering [the conflict]… they’ve stayed on the sidelines.”

Given the proximity of the Gaza Strip to Israel’s densely populated coastal plain, Netanyahu said that Israel must “be very strong, much stronger than them, and to hit them every time.”

Turning to American critics of the Jewish state, Netanyahu accused them of allying themselves with radical Islamist “medievalists”.

“They’ve got it backwards. Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, Israel is the solution.”

“There is a big battle in the Islamic world today, between the modernists and the medievalists. Israel stands squarely with the modernists. And the people who attack Israel are basically standing with the medievalists – the people who want to bring you back to the Dark Ages.”

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