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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is San Francisco DA Recall a Prelude to Alvin Bragg’s Fate in NYC?

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By:  Jared Evan

A recall election is happening in San Francisco Tuesday that could foretell New York City’s own future. San Francisco’s recall for District Attorney could mean the end for Chesa Boudin, who has been perceived as “soft on crime”.

“If [Chesa] Boudin is removed it should send shockwaves throughout every progressive prosecutor’s office,” Manhattan prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer Mark Bederow told The New York Post Monday.

“Every progressive prosecutor, Bragg included, will take note that if a progressive prosecutor in San Francisco can be thrown overboard by an overwhelming liberal electorate, voters elsewhere — including Manhattan — may do the same thing.”

New Yorkers fed up with an ever-increasing and alarming crime rate are going to seek District Attorneys and politicians who will focus on keeping citizens safe, even if it means locking up criminals.

Eugene O’Donnell, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, told The New York Post, “obviously Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will be watching the results of Boudin’s recall election. I think people are coming to their senses that you have to have a rule of law. You also have reporting that the city is losing population and there’s no question that that is related to safety…In New York, we need to get recall on the ballot.”

Former Manhattan prosecutor Daniel Bibb said to The York Post, “he didn’t think Bragg, a Democrat, was “paying much attention” to the election in California — but probably should. Because rising crime rates are a concern to everyone, whether you are liberal or conservative,” said Bibb, now a defense lawyer.

“If what you see in San Francisco, perhaps the most famously progressive city in the country, is a rejection of some of these ideals in an overwhelming Democratic electorate, I think Democratic politicians…will see that it is actually a significant political risk to being the most progressive when it comes to crime and punishment.”

“With a Friday poll showing 56 percent of voters poised to remove Boudin, New York state Republican chairman Nick Langworthy said, “Even the liberal mecca of San Francisco has woken up to the disastrous impacts of Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and are having major buyer’s remorse.”

Soros bankrolled attorney generals have been ideologically driven by far-left ideals of restorative justice. The adherents to this fanatical credo believe that violent criminals can be quickly integrated into society by offering more social programs and believe society identifying “white privilege” as a whole can solve and eliminate all crime.

The most strident far left travelers actually believe that a violent criminal should actually be rehabilitated by the victim’s family.  In major cities young city council members, such as Tiffany Cabana in Queens, favor this deranged idea. For example, if your child was murdered by a violent criminal in the streets, you should be forced to confront the killer, embrace him and this will heal the criminal mind. Many enlightened political analysts connect this ideology to the communist goals of breaking down all of society to rebuild the world in their dreamlike utopia.

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