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Thursday, July 7, 2022

test Video Post

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Legendary Hollywood film star Jon Voight delivers an impassioned appeal warning of the inherent dangers of liberalism and how it has been deceptively used to foment anti-Semitism and vehement hatred towards the Jews. Referencing the recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks in Beverly Hills, California, Voight says he is in a quandary as to why liberals incessantly launch scathing and merciless attacks on Jews. Referring to the seething hatred that is reserved for Israel and Jews by liberals, he righteously defends Israel as a holy land, blessed by G-d and chosen to be the eternal homeland of the Jewish people. He also said that Jews respect G-d’s laws, principles and values and were chosen in divinely inspired plan for humanity. He concluded by saying that he and others who share his beliefs that the world’s oldest hatred, anti-Semitism, will not be tolerated and that people such as himself along with G-d will make it their mission to expose liberals as the horrific haters that they are. Voight knows from whence he speaks as he once shared these liberal beliefs as a young Hollywood actor. Over the years, his view of reality has changed enormously and now he stands with G-d, with freedom, with justice and with truth and has morphed into a stalwart and unshakable ally of Israel and the entire Jewish nation. We applaud the words of Jon Voight and encourage others to follow in his path of truth and righteousness


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