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End Mass Jabs and Live with Covid, ex-head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

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(TJVNEWS.COM) Covid should be treated as an endemic virus similar to flu, and ministers should end mass vaccination after the booster campaign, the former chairman of the UK’s vaccine task force has said, The Guardian reported.

Dr Clive Dix called for a major rethink of the UK’s Covid strategy, in effect reversing the approach of the past two years and returning to a “new normality”.

“We need to analyze whether we use the current booster campaign to ensure the vulnerable are protected, if this is seen to be necessary,” he said. “Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.”

Dr Dix helped pharmaceutical companies create the Covid jabs that have aided vulnerable people’s protection from Covid, and though he supported the booster campaign he told The Observer a new strategy was needed.

“We should consider when we stop testing and let individuals isolate when they are not well and return to work when they feel ready, in the same way we do in a bad influenza season,” he said.


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