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Mob of Thugs Attack Jewish Teens on Bus in London , Make Nazi Salute

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(VINnews) — A group of antisemitic thugs tried to smash the windows of a bus filled with Jewish teens on Monday evening.

Shocking footage shows the vicious attackers doing Nazi salutes, making obscene gestures, shouting threats and curses, spitting, and trying to smash their way into the open-top bus.

Some of the attackers removed their shoe, an Arab symbol of disrespect, and raised their arm in the air, a Nazi salute.

The incident occurred in Oxford Street, where according to reports, the Chabad group were celebrating Chanukah with music, dancing and food.

In response to the horrific incident, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, said: “Antisemitism has no place whatsoever in society and I utterly condemn these disgusting acts. No one should have to experience this. “If you have any information about this incident, I urge you to report it.”

Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said, “We are appalled by the horrifying footage of Jewish people targeted on Oxford Street. We note that besides attempts to spit at them, at least one of the perpetrators appears to be performing a Nazi salute. We hope the police will swiftly identify and arrest those involved in this disgusting incident.”

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