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Gov’t votes: All ministries to relocate to Jerusalem or face sanctions

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By World Israel News Staff

The government on Sunday affirmed that all government ministries will move to Jerusalem or face sanctions, Hebrew media reported.

According to the Basic Law: The Government and Basic Law: Jerusalem, Israel is the capital of the State of Israel and all ministries must be located there, with few exceptions.

Already back in 2007, ministries were supposed to start relocating. However, many failed to do so or established small hubs in the Holy City and kept their main operations elsewhere.

Now, the Finance Ministry has been instructed not to approve the renewal of leases outside the city if they do not comply with the transition schedule. The ministry was also instructed not to approve renovations.

If ministries fail to comply, they could be faced with sanctions, including not being allowed to purchase dome office purchase or equipment or even paying higher taxes, the media explained.

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Zeev Elkin celebrated the decision.

“The government’s decision to move national offices to Jerusalem is significant news for the city that can develop economically, attract new residents and position itself as a real government city,” Elkin said in a statement quoted by Hebrew media. “It is time for all government offices to move to the Israeli capital.”

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