Schumer Endorses Defund Police Socialist Over Sitting Mayor in Buffalo


BY Daniel Greenfield (FrontPage Magazine) Democrats claim that the ‘Squad’ is not representative of their party and that police defunding and socialism are just Republican bogeymen.

Senator Schumer just proved them wrong by endorsing India Walton, a police defunding socialist over Buffalo’s sitting Mayor Byron Brown.

The majority of Buffalo voters would choose Byron, but leftists used a rigged primary to sideline the sitting black Democrat and then used their judges to keep him off the ballot while the media boosted Walton, a police defunding socialist previously accused of food stamp fraud.

Potential voters also give Mayor Brown a 60% favorability rating versus 27% favorability for Walton.

India Walton is a socialist whom even most New York Dems have refused to endorse. But Schumer has.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has endorsed India Walton, a self described socialist, for mayor of Buffalo.
“Today, I endorse @indiawaltonbflo, the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Buffalo,” the New York Democrat tweeted Thursday. “She’s a community leader, nurse, & mother with a clear progressive vision for her hometown.”

At least Schumer is finally admitting that “progressive” really means socialist. And that Democrats support police defunding.

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