Jews Around the World Mourn the Passing of Rabbi Dr. David Eliach, Zt’l - The Jewish Voice
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Jews Around the World Mourn the Passing of Rabbi Dr. David Eliach, Zt’l

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Rabbi Dr. David Eliach, of blessed memory, was the principal emeritus of the Joel Braverman High School in Flatbush and was one of the founding members of this iconic yeshiva. He has been an educator, an administrator, and a teachers’ mentor for over six decades. His contribution to Jewish education across the globe is unparalleled and his impact on thousands of students will be felt for generations.

The Yeshiva of Flatbush is indebted to Rabbi Eliach for his countless contributions to the teaching of Hebrew and Judaic studies, but, perhaps most importantly, for his Derech Eretz, humble ways, genuine kindness and infinite amount of patience.

In February of 2020, Yeshiva University News reported that Rabbi Eliach gave the initial lecture in a course on teaching Tanach [bible] to the Wexner Kollel Elyon and the Israel Henry Beren Institute for Higher Talmudic Studies programs at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

Rabbi Eliach spoke about the unique challenges of teaching Tanach in a yeshiva high school and the importance of focusing on the text and finding the theme in whatever is being taught.  Following his lecture, Rabbi Eliach gave a shiur [lecture] on Tehillim [Psalms], Chapter 19, to demonstrate his methodology.  He is considered a master educator and specializes in the teaching of Tanach.

“To me, the most important approach in education is to be a human being, a nice person,” Rabbi Eliach in a recent interview. “You cannot only teach text to your students; you have to also teach them how to become a better person. That is the main goal of education.”

In the fall of 2020, Yeshiva of Flatbush reported that Rabbi Eliach was insistent that his learning sessions would continue by phone during the pandemic rules of social distancing. There were ten teachers studying with him during 30-minute sessions every week during spring remote learning.

“I feel it is important to guide the teachers, especially the new teachers, to learn the better methods of teaching, to take the same thing that you are teaching and teach it in a new and relevant way to the kids,” explained Rabbi Eliach who has been teaching continuously since 1953.

Rabbi Eliach is survived by his son, Rabbi Yotav Eliach and his daughter, Professor Smadar Rosensweig. Rabbi Eliach was married to Professor Yaffa Eliach.

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