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Letters to the Editor

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Sharks are Circling Cuomo’s Political Carcass

Dear Editor:

As Governor Andrew Cuomo enters the twilight of his political career, he has three options. Resign and hope in coming years he can rehabilitate his image and career. Two, continue to fight the inevitable future impeachment by the State Legislature. Three, if still clinging to office, run in the June 2022 Democratic Primary for a fourth term. Most of his former friends, be they other public office holders, party leaders, major campaign contributors or union supporters have abandoned ship. A campaign war chest of $16 million will not buy him another term. Cuomo fatigue has taken root. While he decides what to do, he will have less time to deal with other ongoing issues facing New Yorkers.

Should Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul become Governor, she will be preoccupied with winning the June 2022 Democratic Party primary to run for a full four year term. Being attached at the political hip to Cuomo, may adversely impact her ability to win any cooperation from the State Legislature. The political sharks have already begun circling the political carcass of Cuomo. Many are now considering their own run for Governor.

       Larry Penner


Infrastructure Bill is a Disgrace

Dear Editor:

Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill is a disgrace. If Mitch McConnell was smart, which we’ve seen no evidence of, he would use the debt ceiling card to negotiate a good infrastructure package.

This is a 2,700 page bill that no one could have possibly read—they would have needed to take speed reading courses. It is a gift to the Democrat Party, compliments of Mitch McConnell and some RINOs, who have no idea what they are doing. There is very little on infrastructure in all of those pages. Instead, they track your driving so they can tax you. It is Joe Biden’s form of a gas tax but far bigger, far higher and, mark my words, far worse. They want to track you everywhere you go and watch everything you do!

Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill will be used against the Republican Party in the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. It will be very hard for me to endorse anyone foolish enough to vote in favor of this deal.

The good news is that the progressive wing in the Democrat Party will lose all credibility with this approval. Additionally, Kevin McCarthy and Republican House members seem to be against the bill. If it can’t be killed in the Senate, maybe it dies in the House!

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats understand that this is the way to get the horrendous $3.5 trillion, actually $5 trillion, Green New Deal bill done in the House. Mitch is playing right into Nancy’s hands, not to mention the fact Chuck Schumer is already going around saying this is a big victory for the Democrats. Whether it’s the House or the Senate, think twice before you approve this terrible deal. Republicans should wait until after the Midterms when they will gain all the strength they’ll need to make a good deal, but remember, you already have the card, it’s called the debt ceiling, which the Democrats threatened us with constantly.

Donald J Trump –
45th President of the United States
Save America PAC


Is Fascism Becoming the Rule of Law?

Dear Editor:

Anyone reading or watching unbiased news sources has to be scared witless about the speed of light head-way this nation is making in adopting fascism as the rule of law. Parents, being sued by teacher unions for demanding that the radical race theories, and the hatred for America’s traditions, now being fed their kids by openly, obviously arrogant, radical Communist teachers, must have our total and complete support. Proud and fearless Moms and Dads, ordinary people, are finally speaking out, knowing full well, that their families’ roles in rearing their own kids has been usurped by “the village.”

The racial divisiveness begun by Obama, a 20+ year willing disciple of his Jew/America/white hating minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is now in full bloom, with all whites being labeled as genetically biased against people of color. So successful has the growth of this, until now, mysteriously invisible movement been, that even the most prominent white by birth Progressives now kneel, begging in apology for their inherent prejudices before the likes of Congresswomen, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley. You could vomit.

Alan Bergstein
Judeo-Christian Republican Club


Reconciliation Instructions Must Not Add to the Debt

Dear Editor:

On Monday, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders released a budget resolution to allow for up to $1.75 trillion of new borrowing through reconciliation, which a companion memo claims will be paid for through unspecified offsets from the Senate Finance Committee and long-term economic growth. The following is a statement from Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

This should be a non-starter. It made sense to borrow to fight the COVID crisis, but there is absolutely no reason to borrow more for new permanent spending programs. Especially since it appears the bipartisan infrastructure bill may add significantly to the debt.

We’ve borrowed $6 trillion over the past two years alone, and debt is headed to record levels under current law. Budget reconciliation should be used to help us reverse course, not leave open the possibility to make a bad situation even worse.

While lawmakers claim the $1.75 trillion of authorized borrowing will be covered by offsets largely proposed by the Finance Committee and promises of long-term economic growth, they should have required it to be fully paid for in the instructions rather than punting the decision to the committees and hoping for magical economic gains that may never appear. Frankly, Congress has lost so much credibility on the fiscal front that one has to wonder when lawmakers say ‘we will pay for this later—we promise,’ whether they even believe it themselves?

A responsible budget should include budget-neutral or deficit-reducing reconciliation instructions, not deficit increasing ones. The Senate should adjust this resolution by increasing savings requirements from the Finance Committee, reducing cost allowances in other committees, or some combination. Regardless of the numbers in this budget, lawmakers should stick to their commitment that this bill is fully paid for once the legislation is released.

We can’t borrow our way to prosperity, and it’s time we stop trying to.


Ben Tomchik
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

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